Vietnam Kitchen – One Utama

I was here a few months ago with my wife and I am here today with my in-laws. Today instead of set we took aka-carte. The highlight for me was of course to try their Vietnamese coffee. Any Vietnamese restaurant which does not serve good Vietnamese coffee, please… do not call yourself Vietnamese coffee. So, … Read moreVietnam Kitchen – One Utama


Most expensive Penang Property – CONDO

My childhood friend from Ipoh used to say that rich people in Penang only buys landed. Only middle class like myself would buy a much more affordable apartment or condominium. I hope he reads this because I just wanted to let him know that there is NO WAY we can ever buy these condominiums in … Read moreMost expensive Penang Property – CONDO

Penang property prices still going up – REHDA Penang

I read an article in TMI quoting REHDA (Penang), Dato Jerry Chan as saying that prices of land in Penang is still rising and the latest one being RM1,200 psf which was the state government’s land swap deal with Consortium Zenith BUCG which is building the mega RM6.3 billion undersea tunnel and three highways. RM1,200 … Read morePenang property prices still going up – REHDA Penang

Let’s go to BED together, Ipoh.

This is a fairly new cafe.  BED stands for Bread, Espresso and Dessert. As usual the gold standard for any cafe is their latte. If you look at them preparing it, the baristas are serious and look professional. I hope my cup would be above average. The latte really did not disappoint me. However, somehow … Read moreLet’s go to BED together, Ipoh.

New rules to contain potential property bubble in Penang

The new housing rules caught a lot by surprise. Perhaps even politically motivated. You can also say it stops genuine buyers from selling their home but if you are genuine buyers, why would you buy a medium cost house and try to sell it within 5 years? You suddenly become too rich and needed to … Read moreNew rules to contain potential property bubble in Penang

Iskandar with new Rapid Transit System

Wait. It is still in progress but will only have another update perhaps end 2014. Targeted date of completion is also 2019. Which is 5 years away. So, if RTS is not built, what would happen? Well, I feel that more road linkages can be built between Singapore. More buses perhaps? In fact, I am … Read moreIskandar with new Rapid Transit System

Penang properties – what Singaporeans ask first

I was on duty in my previous company in a property show in Singapore. It was early morning, even before 930am and the show does not start until 10am. Yet, there were already a few Singaporean investors arriving early. They also try to listen to each and every seminar throughout the day and loves to … Read morePenang properties – what Singaporeans ask first

Keng Nam coffee shop, Ipoh

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Just by the picture below, you must try it out. Keng Nam coffee shop is in the town centre. Forgotten the road name but do not worry, your usual GPS unit should already have Keng Nam. To start off, I must evaluate the white coffee right. … Read moreKeng Nam coffee shop, Ipoh

New property prices up 50%, how much is your profit?

A friend of mine who is a sales manager in an online company told me that she earned 50% profit the other day as soon as her new property was completed. I said, do you own the property or are you paying loan for it? She said she paid just 10% for the property which … Read moreNew property prices up 50%, how much is your profit?

Heritage Village – Paradigm Mall has kuih koci!

I loved kuih koci when I was young. I still loved it today but these days, I seldom see it. Perhaps because it’s so hard to a perfect one or the process is long, I have no idea but kuih koci is becoming extinct! Today I visited Heritage Village for the second time and they … Read moreHeritage Village – Paradigm Mall has kuih koci!

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