If you do not ‘qualify’, please don’t buy

A man went down on his knees in Penang today. His plea? He hopes that the developer would not force him to pay extra on top of the RM72,000 that he has paid for the medium low cost housing that he is paying for. He said that the developer is forcing all the buyers of … Read moreIf you do not ‘qualify’, please don’t buy


My story featured in Ivory Living

First announcement is that my story was featured in Ivory Living. It tells about my love story where my wife and I did not start on a good note. However, I had no choice because she would not let me go. Ok, ok, it was more like the other way round. We have been married … Read moreMy story featured in Ivory Living

Expert Series Q&A – Iskandar, Johor – Mr. Ryan Khoo

Ryan Khoo is the Director and Co-Founder of Alpha Marketing, a real estate investment club based in Singapore. He started off investing in studio apartments in Kuala Lumpur back in 2007 and today owns properties both in Malaysia and Singapore with a significant portfolio in both countries. He advises club members on their property portfolios … Read moreExpert Series Q&A – Iskandar, Johor – Mr. Ryan Khoo

Why I engage real estate agents / negotiators

My friend asked me how am I going to sell my properties in Penang. Would I be using any free online advertisements? I told him that I am using the services of a real estate agent. He remarked that if I do that, I would need to pay agent’s fee. I replied gladly, yes if … Read moreWhy I engage real estate agents / negotiators

Without freebies, should you buy property?

Someone showed me a SMS about a property developer offering any introducer a fee of 0.4% if the deal goes through successfully. Another advertisement stated that special ‘Angpow’ package for all buyers worth RM28,888. During the CNY holidays, there were so many open houses, all offering food, drinks, gifts and lucky draws. So many freebies … Read moreWithout freebies, should you buy property?

Making savings a ‘forced’ habit

I read from a comment in Facebook about an investor whose mother told him that savings is a must. Buy what you need and not what you want. Before you buy, step back and think whether you really need it. One thing I have never done is to follow the technology. I do love latest … Read moreMaking savings a ‘forced’ habit

Condo, the new boom in secondary towns?

I just came back from Sandakan after a week long CNY holiday there at my wife’s hometown. Just less than three years ago, I got to know about Sri Utama Condo project by IJM. If you have never heard of this project it is ok because the project is in Sandakan, Sabah. Of course I … Read moreCondo, the new boom in secondary towns?

Sen wise, Ringgit foolish

Property is an Asset, most of the time. A car is a liability, all the time. A friend bought a new Japanese car recently, a segment B car. 🙂   When asked why is he choosing that model. He said, ‘the agent said this one saves fuel a lot. Even more fuel savings than the … Read moreSen wise, Ringgit foolish

Financial Freedom vs Financial Independence

A relative whom I met recently told me that he will be finishing paying for his condominium in KL very soon, maybe in just one or two more years. He has bought the condo just over 7 years ago. This meant that instead of the typical repayment period of 25-35 years, he would have finished … Read moreFinancial Freedom vs Financial Independence

Buying HAUNTED properties?

I wrote about buying properties near cemeteries before and I explained that I have made that decision before and have gained from it. How about buying haunted properties? This one, I have not tried before. Searching online, for Malaysia I could not find any of such advertisements in both property or However, such … Read moreBuying HAUNTED properties?

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