Buy property asap or don’t buy? You decide.

Still remember last year, before GST many people advise that we should buy properties soonest because with the impending GST, prices will rise further. If we buy later, the GST would have been factored in and the prices even higher. Whatever advice that you hear from any consultant, famous speakers or even best selling authors, […]

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Iskandar will not have a casino

Johor MB Mohamed Khaled said there is absolutely no truths in reports about JB having a casino. The reports in a few online portals are mischievous. Nevertheless he admitted that the approval is not for state to decide but it’s from the federal government. He completed his views on casino by saying that even if the […]

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Hometown Hainan coffee, SS two mall

It was 430pm and as usual, we were hungry yet again. With baby in my body hugging carrier, we went in search for some snacks and perhaps a cup of coffee. I remember I saw an Old Town just now my wife told me. It must be that side, she pointed and we walked as […]

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Teh Tarik – Favourite of many

We have been going to mamak often. So often that every now and then, a new one opens. Everyone has also been up in arms over food ranking especially where Makaysia and Singapore is concerned. Some say Penang is a food haven and that Singaporean food is only for those who want to eat so […]

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Segamat roasted kopi by Oriental Cravings in 1 Utama

My wife and I were exhausted, hungry and thirsty. we wanted to go to cafe where magazine were provided for free reading. However, we chanced upon this cafe, called Oriental Cravings. As it was already 5pm, we decided to just take the toast and drinks. I saw something interesting, ‘Segamat Roasted Coffee’ in the […]

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Property prices – 10% up for 2014?

Another prediction of property price increase in 2014. This is the Property Outlook Conference (POC) 2014. According to Andaman Group managing director Datuk Seri Vincent Tiew, rising costs will push up the total net cost for a developer by 5% to 8% and thus property prices could go up by about 5% to 10%. The chief reasons […]

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Huan choo leng – what’s that?

Look at the photo. For those who know what it is, congratulations. You have tasted something much nicer than the typical pau. For those who has yet to, quickly show this photo to your pau vendor and buy one. If you pau vendor does not have one, time to look for a new one. 🙂 […]

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Vietnamese Coffee vs Luwak Coffee

One is a common drink you can find in Vietnam. It consists of a special roasting process using Robusta coffee beans which is the cheapest beans in the world. This is in comparison to Liberica and Arabica. When you drink Starbucks or Coffee Bean or majority of all the cafes using the Italian pressure method, […]

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Condo market in Ipoh

Ipoh? Condo? Are you out of your mind? I remembered even my parents said condo does not have a market in Ipoh. There are so many landed properties available in Ipoh and much cheaper! I asked them, would they want to move to newer areas since those areas are also much cheaper. They can sell […]

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Single storey semi-detached in Ipoh at RM500k?

How could it be? There are no huge industries. It is not an education hub. Even tourists are few and fellow Malaysians said Ipoh is a city for the old folks. The airport is so small that no one knows Ipoh has an airport! Private hospitals? Yea, as if the patients would want to fly […]

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