170,000 Penang homes cannot be sold for 10 years

Still remember one latest measure by the Penang state government to ensure the price of properties remain affordable but only for the deserved? Latest news is that 170,000 of Penang homes are affected by this moratorium. This is from a list of 1,182 stratified projects on the island which are considered low cost and low-medium […]

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Ipoh Developments – Latest – March 2014

News about more developments in Ipoh is always a good news to me. Many of my Penangites friend dared not tell me these days that Ipoh is only a Ngar Choy Kai town. I did not punch all of them, merely bringing many of them to Ipoh to taste what food varieties Ipoh has to […]

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Butter Cake tried and tested recipe

This is a very easy to do cake. In fact I would recommend this to anyone who is starting because this gives a good foundation to whatever cakes you may want to bake in the future. It tastes good as well which is huge plus. The time needed is also very manageable too, unlike cheesecakes […]

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Luxury, Mid-Lower Condo market in Klang Valley – oversupply or opportunity?

Condo has been a popular development favoured by many due due to location. Many wanted to stay close to where they work etc but landed has become too expensive and thus condo becomes a primary choice. Thus, more condos were launched, prices were continuously upped everytime a new condo is launched. Latest news, there are […]

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Iskandar – Largest reclamation project in Malaysia?

I read in The Star today that China’s Country Garden Holdings Co Ltd and Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor (KPRJ) have plans for a super huge reclamation project for luxury homes in Pendas, near Singapore. In the report, ‘sources’ said that the land area may be a few thousand acres and thus it should be one of the largest single […]

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2014 Hotspots – 100% sure.

In every property fair, I noticed a lot of people love to listen to property gurus talking about hotspots. As long as you continue to benefit from their talks, please continue to listen and take action. I am just a small time investor like majority of you. Thus let me explain my point of view […]

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Buying a new car may just be a better choice than property

A younger friend asked me recently, should he buy a car or a property. I said, ‘You think I will tell you to buy a property instead of a car?’ He smiled and nodded. I said actually for you, you should buy a new car first. Seriously ladies and gentlemen, if the car you are […]

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Washing Machine, Oven, Cooker Hood and more for your new home?

Recently, I realised that a lot of people do not actually know the typical prices of electrical goods. Thus, some would spend way too much for something which they may not yet need or may never need. When they need they may no longer be staying at the same place and may be moving to […]

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Malaysia – Ageing population – Stats and Steps

Are you worried of old age? I worry about old age. I worry if I would have enough money to last me until the day I leave this world when I am no longer fit to work but still fit enough for morning walks and watching TV. I always tell my wife, we must plan […]

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Shah Alam’s ‘Damansara Heights’ – RM88psf (only the land lah)

Reported in The Star recently.  If you are expecting to buy at RM88psf, you are both right and wrong. Wrong because not even low cost projects can be built at cost of RM88 psf. Right because RM88psf is indeed a real price tag but it’s for a piece of land in Shah Alam at Section […]

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