Traditional media still dropping, latest update

Many years ago, newspaper was something I could not miss. I ordered them daily. I ordered The Star. On Sundays, I sometimes buy NST. However, 9 years ago, I stopped ordering them, preferring to buy them on days that I feel I want to feel the hardcopies, it’s easier to read than Ipad without any doubt, […]

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Not too far, Not too high, RM700,000 in 3 years

I have just moved into my new place, Armanee @ Damansara Damai. No, not the seven figure condo. This one is just slightly above half a million. The size is around 1,750sf. Yes, this is the area which everyone said, ‘wah so far’, ‘that area ah, not good ler’ or the best one for me, […]

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US$, China, buying properties, what has it got to do with me?

I remember telling a few of my close friends on few separate occasions about US$ which is not aligned to its actual value. They asked me why i said so, I explained briefly with a few questions. When the economy is doing well, should your currency be appreciating or depreciating? When your country suffers a […]

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Reading, Southampton, Newcastle and Iskandar

The first one is pronounced ‘REDING’ as in past tense of read. Southampton and Newcastle are more famous of course as we see them in action every week in the Premier League. What do these three have in common? All three are famous UK universities which has opened their branch campus here in Iskandar. They […]

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Malaysian Properties @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Friends in Singapore who’s a Malaysian who wants to buy Malaysian properties but it is somehow a little crazy to fly to Penang, look at a few properties and fly back and then fly to Klang Valley and then fly back, there’s a nice show for you. Do drop by PropertyGuru’s show in Marina Sands […]

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Can you retire with just RM900,000?

Can you retire with just RM900,000?  This was one of the keyword search which one of the reader to entered. How unusual. Is RM900,000 a lot of money after we have deducted the inflation depreciation to it? Assuming we are 56 today and tomorrow we retires, with RM900,000 in cash. Can we survive the […]

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Testing water with 9,000 units? No Malaysian developers can do that, yet.

In Malaysia, developers ‘test water’ by getting buyers to pre-register their interest. Some more adventurous ones build a nice renovated unit on the site to entice buyers. However, typically, the launch to ‘test water’ would consist of jus the first tower or first block of 200 units? Imagine what happened in Iskandar when Country Garden […]

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ERL, Melaka, Nyonya food

Every 2 years, I drop by Melaka. For it’s second to none Nyonya food choices. For its only authentic Portuguese food. For its Gula Melaka Cendol and many more. There’s always a headache. I normally go during holidays and during this time, the jam is terrible. The worst I have ever experienced was 4 hours! […]

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KIDEX off? KIDEX on? More expressways on the way.

Those who are against KIDEZ are serious. There is even a Facebook page set up just for this purpose. The original article, with full explanations on why KIDEX is not good as well rebutting claims from KIDEX.  Happy reading them. I am very sure those who are protesting the KIDEX have their own valid […]

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Buying Penang Condos? 14,000 views in 3 hours says it all

I have always ‘debated’ with people on the state of demand for properties in Penang. Many of my Penangite friends said that so there are way too many new condos. Surely the demand is not there. I showed them the demographics, I showed them the stats, basically they just refuse to accept that demand is […]

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