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tilt lens photography of black steel crane

REHDA: Rising cost of construction will deter new developments

If the price of land moves up, cost of construction materials move up and the salary of skilled workers move up then the price of the property will have to move up too. What happens if the price is already very high and cannot be moved upwards anymore? The developer may stop building or they buy cheaper land, they reduce the quality of materials or they try to reduce the cost from workers through automation. They could also get approval to build more homes; higher density so that the price is lowered as there are more units within the same piece of land.

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MRT Putrajaya Line will be opening in less than 2 weeks!

I am super happy reading this news today. It meant that Klang Valley is becoming even more connected and it’s getting harder for people to use the excuse just to buy a new car. 🙂 I will choose to drive because I prefer the convenience. However, as everyone knows, the petrol subsidy days are coming to an end soon. I have no idea how it will be implemented but perhaps there would be a limit? Anyway, I have an Exora and a Persona. Perhaps national cars are given some advantage in getting the petrol subsidy? Haha. Let’s see.

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PropertyGuru Malaysia Bags Two Awards at the 2022 Putra Aria Brand Awards

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 January 2023 – At the recent inaugural 2022 Putra Aria Brand Awards, and won a bronze and silver award, respectively, in the Property Development category. The accolades, measured by Malaysian consumer preferences, are a testament to the commitment of both platforms to help buyers, renters and investors make confident property decisions.

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BNM and Economy

Inflation Malaysia hits a new high! How high?

Everyone is worried about inflation, right? Well, nearly everyone except for those whose earnings are running faster than the inflation rate as well as those whose personal inflation is just lower than the national average. By the way, it’s possible yeah. If the price of a typical fish is expensive and you switch to a cheaper fish type, the inflation can be negative yeah. Anyway, that’s another story. Now, it’s been announced that inflation Malaysia is up and it’s a new record high!

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