Property Outlook for 2020 and Beyond


4th July 2020 – 11:00 am

A Talk with Lam Wai Loon and Leong Hong Kit on Resolving Construction Claims and Disputes

Moderator: Premesh Chandran

Speakers   : Mr. Leong Hong Kit
                    : Mr. Lam Wai Loon

The COVID-19 pandemic has widespread effects on industries across Malaysia. Amongst others, the construction industry is one of the most severely impacted…

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18th July 2020 – 11:00 am

Has Marketing Changed? Understanding the importance of having a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Moderator: Ms. Ng Wai Peng

Speakers   : Ms. Vanda Chan

The effects of Covid-19 have completely flipped the world upside down. With social distancing policies in place, industries are adapting to the changing landscape. The property industry relied on digital marketing strategies for business continuity because it is a feasible option.

1st Aug 2020 – 11:00 am

Malaysia Property Investment: A Logical and Practical Approach

Moderator: Mr. Charles Tan

Speakers   : Developer

The cost of living is increasing every year, even if inflation is likely to be zero or negative in 2020. From the cost of food to hospital treatments, everything is getting more expensive over time. The increment is faster than our salary adjustments. We only have one logical and practical approach; investment.

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