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Category: Malaysian economy and BNM

Malaysian economy and BNM

Ringgit versus major currencies except that ‘one’

Some say we are heading for a crisis soon because Ringgit is depreciating against the US$. If you believe this, then please take appropriate actions yeah. Save as much money as you can and then grab all the cheap assets which will happen during a crisis. In 1998 for example, property prices fell by double digits. So, if you think so, STOP going to some fancy cafe and waste your ‘bullets.’ Be ready….

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OPR increased from 2.25% to 2.5% because economy is stronger

These two are reasons why it’s not an easy decision to make; increasing the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR). Some people may be happy with higher fixed deposit rates. Some may now feel the pressure of paying higher for their home loans. In other words, if there is a chance that majority of everyone will fail to pay their home loans, do we still think that Bank Negare Malaysia (BNM) will increase the rate? This is why BNM says that the ‘economy is stronger.’

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interest rate
Malaysian economy and BNM

Interest rate is up yeah. PAY higher and EARN higher. Good or bad?

There are two sides to a coin. Well, it’s the same as interest rate too. When it goes up, people who has fixed deposits will rejoice because they will earn a higher return on their savings. Well, at the same time, these same people will also have to pay higher loan repayments because the interest rate has risen. Perhaps the worst would be people without savings who could not earn a higher return but has to start paying higher monthly repayments every month. That’s not too good.

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