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Category: KL and Selangor Property

Tuai Timur

9 things about Tuai Timur as a PERFECT property for someone  

[Sponsored Review] 9 things about Tuai Timur as a PERFECT property for someone   I bought my first property in 2003.  It was an apartment

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ABCs of Property Investment

Would you buy a haunted house?

Okay, I would not. Then again I learnt long time ago from my real estate friend that there are people willing to buy a haunted home, as long as it comes with a hefty discount. I repeat, I still would not. Haha. However, frankly speaking, if someone is able to buy a haunted house at a super heavy discount, then ‘clean’ it up, then maybe it’s possible to sell for profit? Else, perhaps buy, ‘clean’ and then use for own stay?

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property market
ABCs of Property Investment

Budget 2023 and property market Malaysia

I think every media is reporting on Budget 2023 and continue to gain lots of attention on it too. As usual, there are the supporters who said everything great about Budget 2023 and there are also the other side which nothing would make sense unless they are the ones doing it. It matters very little yeah because both sides do not determine if we live well, earn well or even invest well. When we are successful in our investments, it depends on what WE do and not what both sides say or do yeah.

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ABCs of Property Investment

Overhang properties up means property prices down?

Let’s look at the Total Overhang Units to have an idea how many residential units are actually classified as overhang. Overhang property unit is defined as units that have received their Certificate of Completion and Compliance but remain unsold for more than nine months after launch.

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