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Langkawi Travel Bubble? It’s for the world! Excited?

Langkawi Travel Bubble? It’s for the world! A friend said, “It’s just LANGKAWI lah…” She was commenting on the announcement that Langkawi will be a travel bubble for domestic visitors and now it will be open to international visitors. I did not bother to ask her lah, let’s just say that it’s not important at all. Everyone should have their opinion.

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Travel Bubble Langkawi: 400,000 tourists expectation is really a wow.

If you are a reader of and you are now in Langkawi or you are going very soon, please do send us more updates. It’s great to know from the actual person on the ground. How’s the actual situation, are the SOPs being followed very strictly, how are the prices and whether the all the shops are now open for tourists. Let’s look at some numbers which has been projected by the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA).

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Travel Bubble Malaysia: Reopening SOPs for Langkawi

As for our Langkawi program for the fully vaccinated travelers, it is supposed to start on 16th September 2021. That’s like not too far away and it’s two days before my birthday. Haha. Here’s that article: Travel Bubble Malaysia: Langkawi starts first. Now, we have one more news and that’s about the reopening SOPs for Langkawi.

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Travel Bubble Malaysia – Langkawi starts first

Travel Bubble Malaysia – Langkawi starts first. It has just been announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. Langkawi as a tourism bubble and zero Covid-19 cases, possible? We can also read a little more details why Langkawi can be a good choice to try this out.

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