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HSR KL – SG? A meeting of 2 PMs. Considered positive?

Still remember this viral piece of news just a week ago? HSR KL – SG turning into HSR KL – JB? Nope at the moment, there are still no further confirmation from both Malaysia or Singapore side on any details of such. However, perhaps we just need to understand that at least both sides are talking and we do not have any firm statements on details yet. Both PMs had a video conference to speak about this issue. There’s a joint statement that there will be an announcement of further details via a joint statement in the future. By the way, the deadline agreed earlier is end of 2020.


Article in Joint statement said, “Both sides will announce further details on the HSR project through a joint statement in due course.”

Another joint statement, “Both Prime Ministers also reaffirmed the strong bilateral relations between the two countries covering many areas of cooperation and the sincere desire to further strengthen these relations for mutual benefit.”

Just a week earlier, a spokesman for Singapore’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) said Malaysia had proposed some changes to the HSR project, adding that Singapore has been discussing them in good faith with Malaysia. Do read the full article here: Article in

If you have been reading, I am a supporter of this HSR KL – SG. Nope, i do not think I will personally benefit much from this but please be reminded again that KL – SG flight route is the route with the HIGHEST FREQUENCY in the whole world. The HSR KL – SG will enhance this even further because flights will always be necessary even if the country has bullet trains yeah.

What’s so good for us?

One super good reason for Malaysia? Over 90 percent of people in Singapore do not own a car. With this HSR KL – SG, we are looking to tap this huge market of travellers too… If you like to recommend that these people without cars to rent a car instead, do note that the driver would be so tired after driving for many hours and if he has 4 other family members, then he has to make sure the boot is big enough for 4 luggages yeah… Anyway, why bother. it’s just 1.5 hours to reach KL if the specs of this HSR KL – SG does not change. Extra 4 hours to and 4 hours fro = 8 hours extra to enjoy KL versus DRIVING.

What’s so good for SG?

I do not have that many Malaysian friends who hates travelling to another country. If they are given a chance to travel to Singapore only ONCE per year and they only needed 1.5 hours to do that, I think many would choose to do it ONCE per year. We assume this covers just 10% of all our population and that’s already 3.5 million per year or almost 300,000 people per month. I am sure many Singaporean businesses love this extra business. By the way, the passport will get stamped too! Haha.

It’s way beyond just tourism yeah

When countries are connected very closely, many other economic benefits will happen too. We could have MNCs being based in both countries. We could have SMEs with closer integration to their SME counterparts in the other side as we take on competitors in other ASEAN nations and beyond. A small reminder. When we add up, we are over 40 million strong, probably by then closer to 45 million strong. Else… we are small nations even within ASEAN.

Stop telling me that zoom will be enough. Once COVID-19 pandemic is over, try telling that to everyone again and see what’s their reaction. No zoom session will ever beat a handshake and a happy hour after the meeting at the nearby cafe or restaurant. Let’s understand we are humans. What about that hug between family members during some celebrations? You really believe a zoom session of singing songs is enough?


Everything still depends on that next joint statement yeah. My wish is clear. it has to be HSR KL – SG and not HSR KL – JB. The effects are totally different. Happy anticipating the next news just like me.

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