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57 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I like your blog.
    I will keep reading your page. Could you introduce me more blogs or finance websites to me? I’m interested.

    • Ian, there are a lot of blogs which I find nice. you can try good or read everyday. sign up for property news in property and cheers.

      • Hi Calvin, I am not an agent. Apologies. Please do proceed to or and search under Rawang. You will find a lot of agents there. Please call and engage them. Cheers.

      • Great blog. What an effort to share about property in Malaysia and its neighbouring area! Well done and keep it up!

    • Hi YK, I love Kuching, personally. Thus far, I go Kuching once every 2.5 years and everytime I am there, I tell my wife that we have to buy a property here. these days she just laughed. When i come back to Peninsular, I sort of forgotten about it. However, every capital city has its advantages, so do Kuching. Just look at Ipoh, no international airport, no huge industries, no huge number of tourists but the house prices continue to increase. Reason? Smaller towns in Perak, when their people wants to ‘upgrade’ and work in a bigger city, more often than not, Ipoh is their choice. Kuching meanwhile is the capital city and is much bigger than ipoh. it has International Airport and even huge number of tourists and many more. Oh yeah, it’s also cleaner than KL. Hope this short answer explains.

  2. Great blog. What an effort to share about property in Malaysia and its neighbouring area! Well done and keep it up!

  3. Hi Chialih,
    I am also Ipoh Mali, has been living in Sg for 15 years. I am a property investor in SG and KL , let me know if we can meet up for coffee to share ideas. No hidden agenda, just make friend, esp those from same hometown.

  4. hi chia,

    i was scouting for a landed property in ipoh recently. the first objective is to look for a retirement home (in 20+ years time) and secondly, if one day ipoh does become a hotspot the property and its profit could be a retirement fund to me.

    so i came across taman botani just recently. i just missed the unit for 22×75 (built up : 2400) double storey that was going for RM360k as they are already sold up. so now the developer is launching the next phase with larger size of 24×80 (built up : 2625) for RM472k.

    can i get your view on taman botani, the prices above, and its potential in brief?


    • KH, if you are buying for a very long term, landed is the best choice. Ipoh becoming a hotspot depends on at least one important item. An international airport or a Bullet Train Main Stop. Without a good transportation link, I do not foresee Ipoh ever becoming a hotspot. Perhaps a warm spot. Taman Seri Botani is a very very very huge piece of development which is owned by just one developer. If I am the developer, I would develop it slowly, phase after phase because I am not pressured. The land holding cost is likely to be low too. Thus, when you buy today, it’s quite sure that the next phase would be slightly more expensive and the phase after that. One piece of land, one developer. It would be hard for the property prices to drop unless due to some unforeseen circumstances. I have a friend who owns a few properties. He has also bought at Taman Seri Botani previous phase. I think he would have also done his homework too before finalising. Happy owning a good and huge unit. 24 x 80 is only available in Ipoh these days. Still huge and affordable.

  5. Dear Moderator,
    Nice thoughts on the props outlook. I wondering props price will soften within 3 years bcoz of oversupply?what your say?

    • Hi Khairul, oversupply has already happened two years ago IMHO. For luxury properties. Example, Rm1,000psf or higher irregardless of size. I could not see that many people in Malaysia able to afford one and living in one. However, prices has not really fallen. I think these buyers have very strong holding power. Moving forward since 2014, new supply are towards affordable category. RM700K and below and huge numbers below RM500,000 (further away). This kind of more affordable homes, I do not think demand is an issue. overall, prices will soften ony if the external circumstances forces it. To depend on the buyers to soften their prices? Maybe tough. For secondary properties which are currently already below Rm400,000 to drop further? It’s tough too…. Just a personal thought. Right or wrong, up to every individual. cheers!

  6. Hi Charles,

    Me and my partner planning to own a property @ Malacca -Kenanga Residences
    which cost about RM3++k with freehold land. Its either for own stay for future or rented out.
    After read through your blog mainly malacca property, what do you think for the apartments
    demands at there as for renting.
    Your advice will appreciated.

    • Hi Alvin, if I am the one making a choice and it’s for rental I would choose somewhere which is within 10 minutes from the attractions, example Jonker street. In other words, somewhere nearby city centre. However, if it is for own stay, anywhere is okay as long as you are comfortable. As for rental, if you are talking about the working people I think the market is still thin. Perhaps you may think about renting to tourists if you are able to manage it. Check out Air BnB. cheers.

  7. The first time I have stumble upon your blog month ago and I have been a follower. I enjoy reading your constructive and unbiased content. Just wanted to say, keep up the good work.

  8. Do you have a blog post for a first time property buyer? On what they should know, research, savings needed etc. And maybe a good property suggestion in KL? Thanks so much in advance sir!

  9. hi Charles,

    I enjoy reading your blogs. kudos

    We have been working on a software programme in addressing the $$$ matters of property investing.
    our idea is to promote value property investing i.e. justify buying by analyzed number

    our alpha version ready, we are validating and collecting users feedback now
    it would be a great privilege for us to meet you in starbucks to talk about it and hopefully you can give us your feedbacks.

    By the way, we are not property agent.

    many thanks

  10. With the plunging ringgit and global economic meltdown already underway and slated to accelerate in September/October 2015, are condo rents likely to go up or down over the next 6 months? Should I be looking to move now, if rents are going up in the next 6 months or so, or look later (just before my current lease expires)?

    • Hi Aesces, I am not sure how the Ringgit will move. I do not think the market is rational at the moment and I also know of how many Malaysians who are moving their money out to invest or hedge etc. I have no intention of doing so. However, whatever movement the Ringgit would have, I think it does not directly affect the rental of the condos. Maybe for the luxurious ones, it should start to move downwards. This is more because of oversupply of such properties versus a strong demand for such properties. There are just not that many expats or locals who are willing to pay RM3,500 for a condo just so that they are within walking distance away from KLCC. My personal opinion for you is to negotiate for a better rate. If not available, I think choices are plenty currently.

  11. That was a helpful response, thank you. I’m based in Penang where everywhere is within reasonable walking distance… I don’t know if rental prices here correlate with KL. The newer properties in Penang are either ridiculously oversized (6K+ sq ft) or undersized (700 sq ft) for singleton tenants; $3.5K-$5.5K appear to be the current going rate for 2K sq ft properties, my preferred size in the location I want to be, but more difficult to find. With the ringgit continuing its freefall, I was worried landlords might try to offset falling ringgit by higher rents in the coming months.

    • Aesces, I have less worry for penang rental rate increase. I think any agent would tell you that it would not be too hard to get another unit for you. If not, let me know. I can recommend my good friends. Happy enjoying penang. It’s a great place for work and play.

  12. That’s excellent – thank you: I’ll leave it then for another few months before I start looking. Great to receive good advice and so quickly too. I’ll certainly get back to you if I don’t find what I want – thanks!

  13. Hi Charles

    I like your blogs. 🙂
    I’d like to hear some comments from you about the property surrounding the new open AEON Klebang mall since you are an Ipohian and knowing well the property in Ipoh.
    I am planning to buy a double storey house 20×70 next to AEON Klebang mall in which will be completed end of year 2016. The developer is Harta Mesra and current price is 378K less 10K.
    Trying hard to negotiate with the agent to get some discount. The purpose of buying this property is to rent out for the first 5 years and maybe for my retirement plan later. I have a good impression to Ipoh city.

    Do you think this is “slightly” overpriced?

    Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

    • Hi KYM, If your longer term need is to stay in that home but you are just renting it out now, I think it is ok. 378k is not considered cheap but definitely not high anymore comparatively versus newer launches. If you are only buying to rent out, then be reminded that you will suffer negative returns for a very long time to come. Also, renting out an empty landed property is tough. You would also need to invest in some renovations. All the best in deciding yeah. As at today, I do not own any property in Ipoh. I only stay at my parent’s home.

  14. hi there, talking bout banknote investment… let’s say I do have one banknote with solid serial number and I would like to send it to auction… may I know what shall I do about it?tq

    • Hi ‘Investor’, I think it’s best to talk to the management of the building about this issue. The JMC should be able to take some appropriate measures if it is an issue to majority of the house owners.

  15. Hi, I am from Johor. In this current market condition, I am firm believer in rental market for long term investment. I hope you could write something on property investment in JB sentral. The nearby apartments are sky suite (just completed), Bukit chagar pine view apartment, Orchid view condominium. What your view on existing transportation there like KTM (which run hourly). What if MRT link did not materialise? And what if it will materialise before timeline say 2020?

    • Hi Huapin, I am very sure your knowledge about the Johor areas are better than many people. My personal belief remains the same. The only way for both Singapore and JB to benefit more is to have more links or linked closely. KTM’s service is a right step but compared to the actual number needed and the frequency, this is not helping much. The proposed RTS would be great and if one or two more links are built, then it would be even better. Actually, even for Singapore to grow further, with higher population and more industries, expanding to JB remains the most viable option. Competition will come from countries all around us whether we become ‘partners’ or not. Without more links, I think the rate of growth is going to be slow. As usual, those areas as close to the current KTM service should do well. Current slowdown is indeed a good opportunity for those who know the areas well. Do update me on the actual unit you buy ok? Perhaps I can take a look in my next trip in June or earlier. If you intend to talk about KL, then drop me an email. Sharing is caring.

  16. Hello, I realised after having read your blog that you do not view Ipoh as a ‘property hotspot’ as of late 2014/early 2015. May I know what your current view is on the property market in the short to medium run in Ipoh (i.e. within a 5-year timeframe)? I bought a large condo in one of the high-rise developments (Haven) there a few years ago for about 220-250RM/psf. Now the price seems to be about 500-600PSF depending on the view and decorations etc. (but will probably be a bit lower for my condo as it is a bit too big to sell at this price psf, lol) and I am thinking of selling. I do not need the money desparately though.

    Experts say that Malaysia property price will probably start to rise again in 2017/2018 and ‘peak’ maybe in 2020. What is your personal opinion on how the Ipoh/Perak market will do in particular? I know it is obviously impossible to predict the future or to advise people on what exactly they should do with their property, but if you were in my situation would you wait and see how the market goes for a few more years, or just choose to sell now?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    • Hi Fergus, I do not view Ipoh as a hotspot because Ipoh is not on the mind of the majority of all property buyers. It can be undervalued because it’s right in the middle of KL and Penang though the current scenario is that because it’s right in the middle, it would most probably not have a real airport. (Politically and Economically) Two very real scenarios. Most international students would enrol in KL institutions. Would many prefer to take flight to KLIA and then take a bus or train for another few hours to reach Ipoh just so they can study in Ipoh? Most medical tourists would fly into Penang. Ipoh has many private hospitals too but IF you are a patient, would you fly into KLIA and or PIA and then take a few hours of bus toIpoh so receive your treatment? Ipoh will however grow continuously because when Penang and KL grows, Ipoh will become ever more attractive as a next destination to retire. My brother who’s working in Penang bought a semi-detached home in Ipoh last year for RM560,000. Majority of Ipohans would say that’s a crazy price. However, majority of all those Ipohans who worked outside Ipoh may just think Ipoh remains a good buy. I hope get a place in Ipoh soon too.

      • Hi Charles, thanks for your reply. Personally for you do you think that Haven (and other new high-rise condo developments around Ipoh like upper east) are slightly/a lot overpriced at 500RM/psf – in other words do you personally feel that there is a chance that the Ipoh property market might burst (or at least face a sharp decrease) as it has risen quite significantly (although still a lot less than KL and Pinang) over the past few years? Also just out of interest what sort of property would you be looking at buying in Ipoh – landed or condo? Thanks a lot!

      • Hi Fergus, I personally do not think Ipoh property market will go bust. The reason is because even at the price you mentioned, it’s considered a common price or even considered low for the quality and size vs Penang and KL. If a crisis comes to Malaysia however, then all the primary markets would have to drop sharply first before Ipoh is affected. So, we should look at Penang or KL for signs instead of Ipoh as a leading indicator. I am looking to buy a secondary landed property in Ipoh. Wanted to rent it out for now and then renovate it when I intend to move back in the future.

      • Perhaps to clarify – I meant specifically the high-end market in Ipoh as it seems quite out of reach for many people who work in Ipoh (compared to KL or Pinang salaries)

      • Replied earlier. As for high-end market, I think you are referring to high-rise. Well, not many Ipohans I know are crazy for these high-rises. Haha. However, I personally love these high-rises. I also like Haven and Upper East. I know both the developers personally and I think they are both dedicated developers. Happy enjoying your condo!

  17. Hi Charles,

    This is Trey from Roomz Asia, we are a new room rental marketplace in Malaysia. Please check out, we expect a beta launch before October.

    I would like to know if you are interested to have backlink share with us to boost the SEO, this would be mutual beneficial to us. This would be a first step our our cooperation, we wish there would be more to come on talk show invitation, road show and blog writing in the near future.

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  18. Hi Charles,

    Good day to you.

    I am intend to buy a 3 storey shoplot in Malacca for investment. It is located beside the Open University ( nearly the biggest mosque in Malacca) and facing AMJ highway. Tenant are mostly Malay. Currently the Ground floor is rented to a ” blue chip” tenant. That area is busy during office hour. However, parking fee of RM1 is charged on per entry basis.

    My friend and family members are of the view that there will be little or no capital appreciation as it is a Malay area and located in Malacca even though there will be a HSR station in Malacca.

    My second option is to purchase a condominium at Bukit Jalil at appx RM500K. However, i am worry that there will be over supply of condominium at Bukt Jalil by year 2020.

    Appreciate your view.

    Thanks in advance!



    • Hi Cecilia, based on whatever you have shared, I would personally choose the Melaka option. I hope the entry cost for your shoplot remain low by the usual standards. For your information, if the business is doing well, assuming you increase the rental by RM1,000 per month, that’s only RM30 per day.. 🙂 I assume the typical rental to be RM5k – RM6k? Anyway, both choices are quite different. Hard to compare side by side. Please only make your decisions after you have written all the analysis down in paper and compare them side by side. You are the best analyst for your own investment. Cheers.

  19. You did not mention another new project of the Melaka Impression project (including the Impression City). Would like to hear your point of view on this, thanks

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