My 2014 wish for property market

After reading through so many articles, especially The Edge which their last issues focus was on how tough 2014 may become, I was a little affected. However, I found many good news too. It seems that in November in Singapore, 95% of whatever was newly launched was SOLD! It mentioned a few points which I … Read moreMy 2014 wish for property market


174,000 millionaires in Singapore

According to a report by Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report, the typical average wealth per adult in Singapore is US$282,000 and this includes a person’s home, if he owns it. In other words, if the house is still under mortgage loan, then it is not included. This is an amazing number and it came to the … Read more174,000 millionaires in Singapore

Developers feeling the heat?

I read in The Star today about some developers feeling the heat from all the cooling measures undertaken by the government. I seriously believe if their product is the right one for the mass market, there is nothing to fear. Whatever cooling measures undertaken is to ensure the property bubble does not happen and there … Read moreDevelopers feeling the heat?

Protect your wealth, always

Nearly forgotten about this very important step that everyone must have no matter how successful you are in the corporate world or how rich you are from property investment. Protect your wealth from sudden annihilation. There are many circumstances out of our control, that is for sure. However, if we are responsible, we must and … Read moreProtect your wealth, always

Butterworth property is BETTER WORTH.

Nearly everyone of my friends said they wanted to stay inside Penang island. No wonderlah the prices are going up a lot. However do you know that there is another place everyone can also consider? In fact it meets majority of what people tell me except for reasons such as ‘all my friends are in … Read moreButterworth property is BETTER WORTH.

Petronas Twin Towers still tallest in the world*

Photo source: Burj Al Khalifa was completed in 2010, it stood 828 metres tall. The second placed Taipei 101 was VERY FAR away. However, there was one building which can still claim to be tallest in the world today and perhaps for many more years to come. It is our very own Petronas Twin Towers. … Read morePetronas Twin Towers still tallest in the world*

Why you should visit property fairs

My friend said the property market is going to crash soon. His friend’s friend said so. The developers said that prices cannot come down and it has to go up due to costs. If that is true why there were so many complaints when DIBS scheme was cancelled by BNM. My agent friends said that … Read moreWhy you should visit property fairs

Buying property with BITCOIN?

What is bitcoin? Today two of my most advanced colleagues told me about the amazing bitcoin. I admit I do not know much about it and thus I googled for it. I found something interesting which I would like to share about Bitcoin. This is a currency which belongs to no country in the world … Read moreBuying property with BITCOIN?

Direct flights – Penang to Bali?

I checked. There are no direct flights currently and all airlines must stop at KL first. I do not know why are there no direct flights between these two awesome cities but I seriously hope that the authorities do something about this. There are several reasons why this is very important for Penang. Of course … Read moreDirect flights – Penang to Bali?

Penang property (condo) – Buyer’s market today

My friend asked me if she should wait for the market prices to drop further. She was buying her first property, for her own stay. I told her, I seriously think currently you have the upperhand. The total transactions has gone down so much that I think some sellers may be pressured when they read … Read morePenang property (condo) – Buyer’s market today

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