Buying property with BITCOIN?

What is bitcoin? Today two of my most advanced colleagues told me about the amazing bitcoin. I admit I do not know much about it and thus I googled for it. I found something interesting which I would like to share about Bitcoin. This is a currency which belongs to no country in the world … Read moreBuying property with BITCOIN?


Direct flights – Penang to Bali?

I checked. There are no direct flights currently and all airlines must stop at KL first. I do not know why are there no direct flights between these two awesome cities but I seriously hope that the authorities do something about this. There are several reasons why this is very important for Penang. Of course … Read moreDirect flights – Penang to Bali?

Penang property (condo) – Buyer’s market today

My friend asked me if she should wait for the market prices to drop further. She was buying her first property, for her own stay. I told her, I seriously think currently you have the upperhand. The total transactions has gone down so much that I think some sellers may be pressured when they read … Read morePenang property (condo) – Buyer’s market today

12th highest growth in the world – Malaysia property market

I read the original report in  According to the latest 12-month period ending September 2013, according to the Knight Frank Global House Price Index, the property market in Malaysia grew 10.2% to finish as no.12 best performer. The top performer is Dubai, with 28.5% rise within 12 months!  China was 2nd with 21,6% up … Read more12th highest growth in the world – Malaysia property market

What are REITs

REITs stand for Real Estate Investment Trust. In short, you buy a share in a company that manages and maximises returns from properties owned by them and sold to you via shares. The first REITs on Bursa was AXIS. It was listed in 2004. Returns to investors are in the form of capital appreciation if the … Read moreWhat are REITs

Hartanah di Pulau Pinang sekitar RM250 ribu

Di Pulau Pinang, hartanah mampu milik sentiasa diperdebatkan. Begitu banyak komen tentang apa itu hartanah mampu milik. Sesetengah berpendapat bahawa hartanah mampu milik itu adalah hartanah yang harga silingnya RM400 ribu dan kebawah. Ada pula yang mengatakan harga mampu milik itu sebenarnya RM250 ribu dan kebawah. Ini artikel saya tentang apa itu hartanah mampu milik … Read moreHartanah di Pulau Pinang sekitar RM250 ribu

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