Buying condo and wait 15 years?

An Ipoh friend working in Singapore told me that she may want to buy a condo in Ipoh for her retirement. ‘You are retiring in a few years’ time?’ I asked. She said, nolar, buy now for future, since the price will continue to go up and S$ to RM is very advantageous to me. … Read moreBuying condo and wait 15 years?


New Baby? New Property.

One of my old friend said that having a baby means extra expenses. I totally agree. Then he asked me how am I planning for the baby since the education fees are getting more and more expensive especially when the baby is ready for university. While I do think university fees are going to get … Read moreNew Baby? New Property.

Malacca is the next Iskandar?

I read an article by Pete Wong in recently in which he gave many reasons why Malacca might just be a better choice for investors than the overhyped Iskandar. In his article, he mentioned that during his recent visit to Malacca, he was surprised by its transformation. He said that today, there are many … Read moreMalacca is the next Iskandar?

Affordable Penang Properties – where are they?

Many people have interest in buying affordable properties. If I have just started working not too long ago, I would definitely register myself. After all, if there are affordable properties which are good enough for stay, why not? Property is a compulsory item in my list and I would not want to rent unless the … Read moreAffordable Penang Properties – where are they?

Property Investor Clubs – the speculators?

Let me summarise an article I read in The Sun about how property investor clubs are the actual reason why speculations happen. According to National House Buyers Association secretary-general Chang Kim Loong, these property clubs are buying en-bloc from developers and they are usually led by a leader who is a property guru. Due to … Read moreProperty Investor Clubs – the speculators?

Penang property price cheaper today?

‘The price of property is cheaper today than six months later’. This was the answer from REHDA Penang President, Dato Jerry Chan when he was asked if the prices are going down since the total market transactions are going down. He went on to explain that low interest rate is the factor why property prices … Read morePenang property price cheaper today?

Pre-Launch Sales behind speculation?

Today, Minister Datuk Seri Wahid Omar advised REHDA to get their members to stop pre-launch sales. The reason he said so was because he believed this was one of the ways in which the prices of properties were driven up. The reason was because these pre-launch sales typically attracted more property investors than genuine buyers. … Read morePre-Launch Sales behind speculation?

Property Bubble everywhere

There has been nearly no talk about property bubble in Malaysia. Except for Forbes report recently. Is this because there is no property bubble yet? Or is the market too small and thus, not many analysts are covering it? The worst scenario predicted was that the market would be flat till 2016 before prices start … Read moreProperty Bubble everywhere

Long term uptrend intact – HLIB

HLIB (Hong Leong Investment Bank Research) said that there are still many projects that continue to register high take up rate and gave an example of Paloma by Tropicana Corp Bhd which achieved 60% sales within one month of launch. This is still happening despite the tightening of the property market with more cooling measures … Read moreLong term uptrend intact – HLIB

Penang property market – Number and Values of Transactions

Thanks to Michael Geh, the Senior Partner of Raine & Horne, we have this chart comparing the number and value of transactions by category of market in Penang from 1H2010 to 1H2013. We can see the actual sudden increase was from H1 2010 to H1 2011. The primary market transactions grew nearly 700%! This however … Read morePenang property market – Number and Values of Transactions

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