Soaring and Tumbling after GST like Australia? Not likely.

Property transactions soaring since 2009 – 2011. Property transactions started tumbling in 2012 and continued in 2013 and should still continue in 2014. What about the effect of GST? Would everyone be rushing to buy 1-2 quarters before GST and push up the prices further and 1-2 quarters after GST, the prices come tumbling down, … Read moreSoaring and Tumbling after GST like Australia? Not likely.

Buying a property – Four questions to answer

Recently, a friend told me that she reads my blog quite frequently these days. Quite a lot of interesting articles and her goal is to buy a few properties within a short period of time. When I asked her, ‘when?’, she just laughed. She asked me to teach her. I told her honestly, if she … Read moreBuying a property – Four questions to answer

Retirement Village – What and Why?

In Malaysia, majority of us have never heard of such a term before. ‘Retirement Village?’ Why can’t I just retire in my hometown? Why would I need a retirement village? Furthermore, I have to pay for it and move out from my current home to a place which may not be that near to the … Read moreRetirement Village – What and Why?

Four reasons ‘retirement village’ may work in Malaysia

Last week, I wrote about retirement village in Malaysia. Some asked, would this work? It may work in developed countries but Malaysia? It may be tough. I cannot say for sure but I think if a few conditions are met, it may just take off easily. Let’s look at four. Affordability. Let’s be very honest. … Read moreFour reasons ‘retirement village’ may work in Malaysia

Buying Ipoh Property for retirement?

My colleague asked me just a few days ago, ‘Should I buy Ipoh property’ today? I was thinking Ipoh might be a good place to retire since KL properties are becoming so expensive. Penang is even higher priced since it is just an island.’  I told her if she really like to retire in Ipoh, … Read moreBuying Ipoh Property for retirement?

Career, property and my noisy wish

When I first started working, my wish was simple, earn more and more each year. This is so that I can visit my girlfriend in Sandakan Sabah. I did quite well because for first three years of my working life, my increment was double digits. I don’t think majority gets double digit increment every year. … Read moreCareer, property and my noisy wish

Malaysia is the best place to retire in 2014

One of the most respected news site Huffington Post published an article on the ‘world’s best places to retire in 2014.’ It said Malaysia is Asia’s best retirement haven. In fact Malaysia is third best in the world. There were many reasons stated. Let me summarise them as below: ‘A couple can live comfortably in … Read moreMalaysia is the best place to retire in 2014

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