The famous home rental company may build homes too.

When a company achieves a huge scale and needs further growth, they have to somehow find something else to do. Just as McDonald’s is also a super huge toy company, IKEA is super big with its restaurants too. Now we have another potential. AirBnB is already a familiar name to the world for home rental. […]

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6 things about the future homeless generation.

There are some news saying that the next generation may not be able to afford their own property. There are also news saying that in future, most people will rent instead of buying. They will point out to UBER / GRAB and Airbnb and expects me to agree. 🙂  I disagree with this view though. Perhaps […]

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Missing ingredient is not just the product yeah. It’s the ‘last mile connection.’

This article was inspired by Ms. R who spoke to me about a company she may be joining. Proptech is now the buzzword of the real estate industry. Proptech is simply property technology. It is huge and there are way too many things inside currently. Remember those days when real estate marketing people used flyers […]

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Property investment – My A.I. is better than your A.I.

A new acquaintance told me during a lunch many weeks back that with artificial intelligence (A.I.), the property buying decision no longer needs to be influenced by real estate negotiators. He’s also a real estate negotiator (REN) himself. I told him that if the RENs are only opening doors with the owners’ keys and then […]

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Harnessing the powers of both online and offline. Cheers.

Everyone says ONLINE will kill offline. Well, I do not think so. Just go to some coffee shops and we will be able to see many drinking coffee and reading newspapers at the same time. Even my father buys the newspaper everyday.  When I was young, I read two newspapers daily. Yes, that was pretty […]

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IOI Properties leverages on mobile technology for benefit of community

Two weeks ago, when I visited a friend, she sent me an URL via Whatsapp which will grant me access to her gated and guarded community. I only need to click on it to get a barcode which the guard will scan and then allow me access. I think this will be the trend because […]

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Embracing technology will make RENs better. Actions help a lot. was invited to attend MAREC 2018 (Malaysian Annual Real Estate Convention) as a media representative. The theme was very apt not just for real estate but for all industries. “Embracing Changes with Innovation.” It’s from 2nd – 3rd March @ the Sime Darby Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur. I know some of the speakers personally […]

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