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Category: Property related

Everyone should HATE property investment because of these 4 reasons

Posted in Property related, and Starting Property Investing

There’s too many people trying to sell me properties these days. It’s on my Facebook wall, it’s in SMSes, it’s in emails and more. In fact many are offering free…


Focus on owning a home. Many may be homeless somewhere else.

Posted in Personal Finance, Property related, and Starting Property Investing

Do we believe the government will be able to provide us with a home? For free? Actually, not even in advanced nations that the government could provide a home for…

KWAP goes local, stocks tumble in the US and ‘please don’t resign’ news.

Posted in Property related

I happened to read Financial Daily today. Take a look at the front page. Usually, the most interesting news would be highlighted on the front page. First up is the…

Don’t ‘kill’ your sales people yea… (HOT SUN)

Posted in Career Related, Property related, and Real Estate Agents

Every time a sales person closes one property deal, the reward is pretty good. That is why some sales people (either from the developer or from a real estate agency)…

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