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Financing, constructing and behaviour changing. Three different things really.

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I am a supporter of Penang’s Transport Master Plan (PTMP). No one is going to like to invest into Penang if they face traffic jams on a daily basis as…


It’s not as easy as Airbnb. Especially when it’s a ‘resi’

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In Penang, my good friend who’s a real estate negotiator always point to me that ‘this condo cannot do Airbnb’ or that condo cannot do ‘Airbnb.’ Well, I think it’s…

12-24 months more and Penang will have new LCC airport!

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Good news, definitely. How about millions of potential new visitors into Penang? Good news for long-term property owners too. Anyway, this was what was shared by Malaysia Finance Minister Lim…

Oh… SST is supposed to benefit property buyers MORE.

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Good and service tax (GST) has been zerorised since 1st June 2018. This meant that from 6 percent previously, it has been zero for the past 2 months. This will…

Penang’s 10.5km tunnel. 15 mins from Gurney Drive to PIA. Super.

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I have missed my flights from the Penang International Airport (PIA) 3 times. Twice was simply due to my mistakes but the very last time was due to the super…

Buying is Yes. Following guidelines is MUST. Penang’s UNESCO city.

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Penang was where I started my career. I stayed there for 15 years until I accepted a regional position based in Kuala Lumpur 5 years ago. It was also the…

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