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Category: Property Penang

Do you buy-to-live or buy-to-leave?

Posted in Property Penang, Property, KL / Selangor, and Starting Property Investing

There are newly completed developments today where the occupancy may not be that high, not even 50 percent. A close friend’s condo in Penang was completed last year. He has…


Singapore private home prices in 2030, population, prices and size.

Posted in Property Penang, Property Singapore related, and Property, KL / Selangor

How much could property prices in Penang grow to? What about Greater KL? Perhaps to the government, how much should it rise to? Perhaps some form of control instead of…

Yes, property prices may be lower without GST. Buying decisions to change?

Posted in Iskandar / JB Property, Property Penang, and Property, KL / Selangor

Anyone here delayed signing their Sales & Purchase agreement after they heard about the GST becoming zero in less than 2 weeks’ time? Actually, GST does not affect only the…

2019 is THE year when home prices strengthen. KL and Penang ‘best buy’

Posted in Property Penang, and Property, KL / Selangor

‘It’s not easy to get a good price for a 1,000 sq ft condo in Penang currently,’ says my close friend, Mr. VS who’s a real estate negotiator in Penang.…

About the unsold units? We still need more units, actually.

Posted in Property Penang, and Property, KL / Selangor

Do we worry about the ‘extremely high’ unsold units yet? We should worry if all these unsold units are very cheap and in awesome locations and yet nobody wants to…

Unsold homes highest ever in history. 50pct due to Johor, Penang and Kedah.

Posted in Iskandar / JB Property, and Property Penang

There are a total of RM15.6 billion worth of RESIDENTIAL properties unsold as at end 2017. One of the many articles here. In terms of units, that’s a total of 24,738. …

Home improvements? Here’s one good contractor in Penang.

Posted in Investment Resources, Penang Properties (Island), Penang properties (mainland), and Starting Property Investing

Home Improvements? Electrical stuffs? Piping stuffs? Specifically for Penang, here’s my recommendation. I have personally used his services a couple of times and in brief, he’s direct, honest and professional.…

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