Penang property vs Tokyo property

Do you think Tokyo is more expensive than Hong Kong? I actually do not know. So, I decided to find out and share with everyone. Just for our general knowledge since property is something which is very important nowadays whether it’s for own stay or for investment. I searched: which has thousands of listings. … Read morePenang property vs Tokyo property

Singapore more ‘convenient’ than Penang

I have to write this because the term convenience is really simply misused just because one is working in Singapore. A younger friend said, Singapore is much more convenient than Penang. I look at her and ask why. She said, ‘MRT’ can reach anywhere you want to go! Let me share with you one typical … Read moreSingapore more ‘convenient’ than Penang

Desperate Developer vs Insufficient Marketing

These days in newspaper, for those who has been following the property scene, you would notice some same names keep popping up. Their advertisements come up every week or every 2 weeks. Some are even on radio and I hear them daily! The message is the same, ‘investment potential’, ‘next to something amazing like universities, … Read moreDesperate Developer vs Insufficient Marketing

Penang property – expensive versus expansive

Expensive areas would include pulau tikus where only the rich or the super rich can afford. Even the condos are very expensive. For example, Desa Melor, Bellisa Court, Villa Indah, just to name a few. I think price psf is over RM1,000. However, in terms of ‘expansive’, pulau tikus have no huge tracts of land … Read morePenang property – expensive versus expansive

First home? Buy Leasehold.

Why do I say so? I give you three reasons.  Affordability. Availability.  Actually.  Huh? Actually?? Haha….  Affordability is because when you compare around,  leasehold properties are almost always cheaper.  Sometimes up to 15% cheaper.  If you are buying your first property, buy something lower than what you can afford.  It helps in your mortgage payments … Read moreFirst home? Buy Leasehold.

SOHO / studio units – my personal opinion

A friend asked me for the 3rd or 4th time, why I have not bought any SOHO / studio units. I asked her, why do you like these small units? She said it can fetch high rental. Actually, that’s quite a true statement. Imagine paying just RM300,000 for a nice 500sf SOHO unit, furnish it … Read moreSOHO / studio units – my personal opinion

Penang property versus KL, which is more expensive?

My old friend asked this in Facebook today. He wanted to know which is a better to buy location. If you ask Penangites, they would tell you that Penang properties are too expensive. If you ask KL people, they will tell you look at Bangsar, Desa Parkcity or even nearby KLCC. How can Penang properties … Read morePenang property versus KL, which is more expensive?

Property prices and developer’s profit margin

I read in facebook that even with all the new levies to cool down Penang property prices it will not do much because the major reason why the price went up is due to the costs. land costs, material costs, labour costs and also all the state requirements of Rm120,000 in lieu of low cost … Read moreProperty prices and developer’s profit margin

Pool View, Sea View and My view

Thus far, I have only bought one apartment and one condo which has pool view, both of them from the secondary market. Why did I buy them? Well, that was the one offered and that was the one I liked for its price and the free pool view. Other than these two, I have no … Read morePool View, Sea View and My view

Penang property choices – RM400,000 – RM500,000?

A close friend asked me what properties can she buy because she would really want to buy a property for herself. I replied, ‘Regency Heights’. She said aiyo, why you have only one proposal? I am looking for something from RM400,000 – RM500,000 and I want it to be in Penang and I hope the … Read morePenang property choices – RM400,000 – RM500,000?

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