Genting Highland’s Sky Avenue is impressive, as a start.

Not all the shops are open, true. The new restaurants look or are expensive, true. (Yet, there was along queue into that ‘lobster’ restaurant. Economic slowdown has not affected those people I guess. Haha. The new theme park is definitely not opening soon, true. However, Genting Highlands is till good for a family visit lah. […]

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GPO: Guess which shop has the longest queue?

It’s opened. It’s just 50 minutes away from my home. I love its ‘sister’ outlet in Johor. Yes, I have just visited the Genting Highlands Premium Outlet two days ago. Earlier article here: What if all the cheap goods are sold out? Shopping without sweating is great. It’s not as cold as I would have wanted but […]

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What if all the ‘cheap’ goods are sold out?

I think many have read this article earlier. Johor Premium Outlet again, after 3.5 years.Still good.  Premium outlets should be what it says. Luxury brands which has new stocks coming and thus would sell it’s older inventories at a lower price. In some countries where space is a luxury, we can even notice their clearance […]

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More brands than JPO. 25 to 65 percent savings daily.

I love to shop. I can shop by myself for hours if I do have such luxury of time. Nope, I do not buy things to keep. I tend to wear what I buy almost immediately. There’s another place for me to shop soon. Perhaps in a few months’ time. Genting Highlands Premium Outlet. This […]

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Mitsui Outlet Park to be biggest outlet mall within South East Asia

My sister-in-law bought 3 dresses in the Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA just 2 weeks ago. She said, ‘It’s so cheap…’ The brand was her favourite; MNG. How cheap is cheap? Well, RM89 for 3 dresses is definitely cheap right? My wife tried the sizes too but somehow none fit nicely, so she did not get […]

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Johor Premium Outlet again, after 3.5 years. Still good.

I was in JB just a few days ago for a good friend’s wedding and I brought my family along this time. In my very last trip there, I bought quite a pair of Charles & Keith shoes for my wife. Well, it has been replaced be Pedro. First impression, Johor Premium Outlet is still […]

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Mitsui Outlet Park, KLIA: Looking fine but…

Good crowd? Yes. Car park pretty full? Yes. Lots of people in the restaurants? Not all restaurants. Enough people walking around to categorise as healthy? Yes. This was on a Sunday evening, in Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA. I dropped by after picking up my in-laws from KLIA. It was their second trip and my third. […]

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Mitsui Outlet Park vs Johor Premium Outlet?

Yes, I have been to Mitsui Outlet Park (MOP)last weekend. Yes, I liked the trip. If you love good running shoes from PUMA (my favourite running shoe brand) at below RM200, if you love the ‘fast’ looking running shoes from Nike for RM229, if you love children denim jacket from MANGO for RM29 and last […]

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Another Premium Outlet, this time high up the hill!

My daughter has been to Genting FOUR times. She’s just 27 months old. Haha. It’s near enough for a short drive up and cooling enough for my liking. So, I was very happy to read that Genting Premium Outlets is currently being built and it will be Southeast Asia’s first hilltop Premium Outlet Centre. First […]

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KLIA’s new mall, the Mitsui Outlet Park.

Yes, this is the Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang which is opening on May 30. I have been to Johor Premium Outlet a few times and I love the shopping because I could get brands I love for less. Johor Premium Outlet is more American as the partner is a very established American outlet store. […]

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