Secure and protect your wealth – Part 1

This is a duplicate of an earlier article, changed title for easier reference as a series. I always believe investment is the only real key to financial safety. However, are you covered during this journey towards financial safety? Note, I am not even talking about financial success or financial freedom. Thus, I have some of … Read moreSecure and protect your wealth – Part 1


6 things to think about when you buy a property and getting a loan

My good friend who’s also a colleague asked, ‘if I am almost ready for my second property and getting a mortgage loan can you give me some advice?’. I feel that you need to consider 6 things. However, beyond that, you must decide on item 1 first. 1) Are you serious about property investment? The … Read more6 things to think about when you buy a property and getting a loan

MRTA or MLTA? What are the fallacies? Know more!

As a property investor you might have came across both mortgage reducing term assurance (MRTA) and its brother mortgage level term assurance (MLTA). Both have its pros and cons. Depending on who you ask you will get a certain preference for one or the latter.  In fact if you really want a summary of the … Read moreMRTA or MLTA? What are the fallacies? Know more!

Losing money based on %? Are you serious?

I read an article by a very prominent financial website on which are the cars that is worth buying based on the value of depreciation over a period of 5 years. It said that certain cars are worth buying because they lose less in terms of % over a period of 5 years. Sorry but … Read moreLosing money based on %? Are you serious?

Making savings a ‘forced’ habit

I read from a comment in Facebook about an investor whose mother told him that savings is a must. Buy what you need and not what you want. Before you buy, step back and think whether you really need it. One thing I have never done is to follow the technology. I do love latest … Read moreMaking savings a ‘forced’ habit

Sen wise, Ringgit foolish

Property is an Asset, most of the time. A car is a liability, all the time. A friend bought a new Japanese car recently, a segment B car. 🙂   When asked why is he choosing that model. He said, ‘the agent said this one saves fuel a lot. Even more fuel savings than the … Read moreSen wise, Ringgit foolish

Financial Freedom vs Financial Independence

A relative whom I met recently told me that he will be finishing paying for his condominium in KL very soon, maybe in just one or two more years. He has bought the condo just over 7 years ago. This meant that instead of the typical repayment period of 25-35 years, he would have finished … Read moreFinancial Freedom vs Financial Independence

Rental yields versus Property price appreciation

During lunch few days ago, my colleague said she got to know that Australia homes does not have good rental yields. I explained briefly why. Typically, rental yield would be low when the property prices increase much faster than the rental rate. Assume you bought a condo few years ago and rented it out. Today, … Read moreRental yields versus Property price appreciation

GST and property

My friend, Ms. Lilian forwarded me a very good read. Let me share briefly with all. Will gst push up property prices? Yes and No. It really depends on the type of properties that you are buying. Will GST result in huge increases in property prices? If everything is implemented right, answer is no. Reason … Read moreGST and property

Career, property and my noisy wish

When I first started working, my wish was simple, earn more and more each year. This is so that I can visit my girlfriend in Sandakan Sabah. I did quite well because for first three years of my working life, my increment was double digits. I don’t think majority gets double digit increment every year. … Read moreCareer, property and my noisy wish

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