4 things to do before we lose our jobs.

Did you know that over 21,000 Malaysians lost their jobs in 2018? Plus, 50 percent of all these are from the Klang Valley? The four states where most people lost their jobs are Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang and Johor. This was what our Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran said, “A significant number, 7,755 workers, who lost […]

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Working is also about responsibility, not just money. (you can leave too, right?)

This morning, I was listening to the radio and this topic came up. “Should we reply our bosses if they were to message us after working hours?” What are your thoughts? As usual, many employees called in to complain about their bosses being very inconsiderate. They said that their bosses expected immediate reply regardless of […]

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If you are thinking of starting a blog today, have you wondered how far it could go? Earning some pocket money every month? A couple hundred ringgits per month perhaps? How about turning the blog into a Sdn Bhd after some time and employing full time staff whom you pay market salary? Perhaps even achieving […]

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Potential is everywhere. Find one and grow with it whether it’s a SME or a MNC.

It was reported in many medias today (16th May 2018) that the government is reviewing 17,000 contractual political appointees so as to reduce government expenditure. Here’s one in TheStar.  Here’s another one in Mkini. What this also mean would be that the job market may have up to 17,000 new job seekers needing a job because they […]

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Nothing clever about just ‘reading titles.’ Increase productivity, not just the salary.

Many people were forwarding an infographic from TheEdgeMalaysia with the title, ‘Half of Malaysians earn below RM2,000 a month.’ Their comments? ‘Oh dear, how sad…’ I am not sure if everyone read the infographic thoroughly or only the title because it is clearly stated that only 32 percent of wage earners in Malaysia have tertiary […]

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Don’t ‘kill’ your sales people yea… (HOT SUN)

Every time a sales person closes one property deal, the reward is pretty good. That is why some sales people (either from the developer or from a real estate agency) are willing to work long hours everyday because one sale is already equal to one new iPhone or more. Anyway, I had lunch with relatives […]

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Why more flexibility can still be higher salary and good for employers too

Many millennials I know tell me that they would become a boss one day. Of course most of them said it’s because their current boss treats them badly or pays them too little. By becoming their own boss, they are supposed to have ‘better’ bosses (usually it’s their customers!) and they would usually earn higher […]

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Every job can be a career, stop stereotyping!

Is there anything wrong with a graduate or a non-graduate taking up a job as an insurance sales agent or even unit trust agent? Well, according to some people it’s sort of a last choice kind of job. Here’s that article in  Graduan jadi agen insurans,unit amanah kerana tiada kerja. In brief, it quoted MEF’s […]

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Earning RM10,000 a month? Begging as a job.

If we could, we should always help those in need. Well, if we earn lesser than RM10,000 per month, maybe we need to think twice when it comes to ‘helping’ beggars. They may be richer than we are. Here’s that report in NST on beggars in Johor. Beggars in Johor Bahru are earning up to RM300 […]

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More jobs will be lost, definitely. Just be ready.

Dear all, we may all lose our jobs at some point in the future. Oxford university economists Dr Carl Frey and Dr Michael Osborne say that 40 percent of all jobs would be lost to automation. It means that 40 percent of our friends or even including us may not get to keep our jobs. […]

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