Watch the oil price, it definitely concerns us too.

The topic of petrol price is always a popular one. For the past one week, the discussion has been mostly centred on who will get the subsidy and who would not based on Budget 2019 announcement. My personal take is to make things simple. Here’s that earlier article Well, do we know what’s happening in the […]

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World oil prices. Would we pay lower or higher?

There used to be long queues right after official announcements of new petrol prices. These days, with the weekly adjustments, the number of vehicles queuing up to pump full tank or even top up their tank has lessened tremendously. I have queued just once, when a petrol station was right in front of me and […]

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Cuts will continue. So, prices should stay strong or stronger?

When the leader for oil production says that it will maintain the cut for oil production and they will continue this until Q1 2018, this means they are serious in ensuring prices remain strong. Less oil, less supply and this meant that should demand stays the same, the prices would remain strong or stronger. Here’s […]

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When petrol prices do not go up, will we own a property faster? (Hmm…..)

The world oil price is always a cause for instability. It’s not good when it’s extremely high and it’s not really that awesome for many oil producing countries when it goes too low. Despite the fact that demand for oil CANNOT suddenly go up or go down within days, the oil price can still fluctuate […]

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Jobs in oil and gas? Lost and never coming back?

Remember many months ago, some banks internal memo was leaked out on loans to people from the oil and gas industry? Well, before the downturn in oil prices, these oil and gas people were the ones being paid so high they could buy any of the usual luxury condos in KL. I read a long […]

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Oil prices remain low, Shell retrenching another 2,200

I was having a farewell lunch with a colleague recently when I learnt that his friend who used to work in an oil giant was retrenched many months back and has not yet found a job. He was earning far too high previously and new companies either could not pay or worried that he would […]

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Oil and gas, hard time continuing

It was on the main page of a newspaper I saw yesterday. Petronas will cut RM50 billion spending over the next 4 years. Of course the most should come sooner because the spending may be increased again when the oil and gas prices recover, if they recover. Today, in Facebook, someone shared news about Schlumberger […]

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Falling oil price and actions of Warren Buffett

Should we still buy shares today? One latest prediction for oil price is that it may reach as low as US$10 per barrel. It is still falling. The stock markets have been falling and the S&P 500 is at its lowest point since 2004! Yes, this is already lower than even the mortgage crisis in […]

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Barclays: Oil prices rising to US$85 a barrel by 2020

One common factor said to be affecting Ringgit tremendously is the oil price. This is because with low oil prices, the revenues of the government would reduce and this meant a higher risk and thus contributing to a lower Ringgit versus the US$. Well, at least there is some good news for oil price, if […]

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100 Billion barrels of oil in London??

London is a world city. It’s huge property market is participated by players from all over the world and you may not be considered a super-wealthy person unless you own something in London. Well, in the near future, perhaps you can fly there for an ‘oil bath’? Haha. Just joking but it has been recently […]

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