MM2H? Higher quality applicants on the way.

I have lost track of the year when Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) started. I think it’s a good programme because it gives these applicants a chance to live in one of the best places to live in the world. 🙂 Okay, one of the most affordable places in the world for retirees.  To my country, […]

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Do not come to Malaysia just to retire… Be an Enjoyee instead!

For ‘young’ at heart people who are thinking of places with white sandy beaches overlooking the sea, over 4,000 metre mountain peak loved by many, world’s oldest rainforests worth exploring every year and even UNESCO Heritage sites and cities? All these are in the same country; Malaysia. This is also a read for those who […]

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Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Holidays! UP, UP and UP is my wish.

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Holidays to all. I hope everyone drives patiently and arrive in your destination safely. Perhaps this year the jam is lesser because the number of cars on the road in KL was already fewer since 13th February 2018 (Tuesday). On 14th February, it was a breeze to my office […]

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Expert Series – Why Retirement Homes, Why Ipoh? – Part 2

This is the Part 2 of the Expert Series – Why Retirement Homes, Why Ipoh – Part 1 published yesterday. Part 2 talks a bit more about the advantages of a purpose developed retirement homes versus other property types. John was also asked a few more tough questions. Personally, if my whole family stays with […]

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Foreigners love condos in Thailand and Malaysia

Within this year itself, I think I visited Bangkok 4 times. Except for the jam that never seem to end, I love Bangkok. I love the friendly people, the delicious street food and the good service in hotels. I wanted to bring my family for a visit too, perhaps next year. Every time I pass […]

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Property investment Malaysia, how to start?

Should we invest in Malaysian properties? Is it safe for a long time more? I hope so because I did. Haha. Anyway, what about the question of how to invest? How to start? What’s available and what are prices like? There’s one good article here that everyone can refer to. It’s in It talks about […]

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Golfing, hot weather and Japanese interest

When I was with my first company, a Japanese MNC, my general manager told me that while golf is not considered a luxury for him in Japan, it is a scarcity. More often than not you would need to book at least weeks ahead and for some of the more popular ones, perhaps even months […]

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Malaysia: good health care, lower living cost

In Malaysia, one can live comfortably for less than in Australia. I remembered a conversation I had with a Senior HR manager a few years ago. He said, “I seldom fail to convince any retiree to move to Malaysia and contribute to my company. The reason? As long as they are from America, I tell […]

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MM2H? Roppongi @ Cyberjaya for Hong Kong retirees.

MM2H targeting 70,000 Hong Kong retirees. Have you been to Hong Kong? I have personally been to Hong Kong 3 or 4 times. I love it everytime I am there. Lunch becomes cheap if you wait until after 230pm. Hotels are not that great due to the prices but I love Hong Kong food, sights, […]

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Third best in the world to retire, Georgetown Penang. Why?

George Town, Malaysia has been ranked 3rd best place to retire overseas by Live and Invest Overseas in its 2014 Overseas Index. lI have never heard of this index before they rated Georgetown so high. Anyway, as long as they list us high, we should get to know them. The few key reasons stated: (from […]

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