RInggit now at three-week high. So?

4th February 2015. Ringgit is up, well not just up. It has hit a three-week high. Okay, first of all this may mean nothing more than a one off gain due to the rebound in oil price as well as the rebounding stock market. Ringgit managed to claw its way up to RM3.5610 against the … Read moreRInggit now at three-week high. So?


Believe please. Rating at A3 and outlook is POSITIVE

It’s tough to beat out all the negative news out there. After Fortune, at least we now have another piece of good news. This time, from Moody’s Investors Service. It has affirmed the government bond and issuer ratings of the government of Malaysia at A3 and the outlook remains positive. What is A3? A3 means … Read moreBelieve please. Rating at A3 and outlook is POSITIVE

Too positive, Too negative, Your decision.

You are too positive. Someone told me this the other day. It’s funny because I agree and yet some of my friends actually think I am too pessimistic too. This is especially when they ask me about properties priced at RM800psf and whether should they buy for INVESTMENT purpose. My answer is always, not for … Read moreToo positive, Too negative, Your decision.

Next 5 years, better invest in Malaysia – Fortune.

Recently, it has been mostly negative news if any when it comes to Malaysia. From oil prices affecting the economy to oil prices affecting the currency and to oil prices affecting even the Malaysian economy, everything is about how oil prices is wrecking havoc. Even with the decreasing petrol prices, all the restaurants have shown … Read moreNext 5 years, better invest in Malaysia – Fortune.

Capital Control, not this time

It was 1998. I was taking the module of ‘International Business in Emerging Markets’ for my first degree in Bristol when the  lecturer asked the class what do we think about Malaysia’s capital control. In brief, I replied that capital control allows breathing space for some measures to be implemented. Then, the lecturer said that … Read moreCapital Control, not this time

New Budget 2015 and 1998 crisis

Has everyone read at least 20 articles online or on newspaper about the revised Budget 2015? I am very sure you know the details by now? Main points include a cut of RM5.5 billion, deferment of electricity tariffs, getting more Chinese visitors from China and a revision of fiscal deficit from 3 percent to 3.2 … Read moreNew Budget 2015 and 1998 crisis

A- rating down soon, Not Yet, but soon.

Fitch Ratings said that Malaysia is weakened by the downtrend in international reserves which have declined by 12 percent (US$16 billion) between August and December 2014. In other words, the outflow is far greater than the inflow of funds into Malaysia. We can see this in the weakening Ringgit as well as the dropping Bursa. … Read moreA- rating down soon, Not Yet, but soon.

Malaysia and Mongolia, same rating. :)

After slightly over 6 months of a reaffirmation of A- rating, Fitch Ratings has now given Malaysia a Negative Outlook. It said that out of the 10 Emerging Asian sovereigns, two is under Negative while the rest are all on stable outlook. Yes, the two include Malaysia and Mongolia. The two major reasons include erosion … Read moreMalaysia and Mongolia, same rating. 🙂

Ringgit down, Buying up?

There has been many reports which said that with the Ringgit down to new lows, foreign interest in Malaysian properties may be increasing. I do not really agree unless of course these buyers are able to see through that the current so called ‘depreciation’ is actually caused more of the uncertainty and the US$ appreciation … Read moreRinggit down, Buying up?

Oil prices, as usual.

It’s sometimes funny to read some of the news article about the declining oil prices. One latest one in a major English daily said that with the oil prices declining, some of the oil companies in Kuala Lumpur may face pressure to move out. First question, why would they move out because of low oil … Read moreOil prices, as usual.

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