RM down, end of the road soon?

A Facebook comment I saw prompted me to write down my personal views about my country’s currency, Ringgit (RM). Of course, if that Facebook user can write his comments and share with the world, I should be allowed to also write my comments with actual references to actual currencies in the world. This is not … Read moreRM down, end of the road soon?


Property market down but bigger developers fine

Many say when your company is smaller, it is more nimble, more flexible and can react to changes faster. Quite true. However, for property developers, size does matter. The bigger you are, perhaps the more resilient you are. In fact with the right planning, during current slowdown you may be able to focus on affordable … Read moreProperty market down but bigger developers fine

GST vs the supply and demand?

There’s one question that I would always pose to any analyst. Can GST beat the demand vs supply equation for the property market. To those who answer, maybe not in total but it can distort the market, my next question would be for how long. If the answer is 6 months, then I think the … Read moreGST vs the supply and demand?

Higher maintenance fees due to GST

Until today whenever anyone were to ask me if a certain condo is worth buying, I have always asked them to look at the maintenance of the condo. Even if it is a 10 year old project, if the maintenance is ok, they should go ahead. However, for a new condo, if the maintenance starts … Read moreHigher maintenance fees due to GST

47 MNCs and 6,312 work opportunities

Many years ago I read about an entity called InvestKL. Their goal was to attract 100 multinationals (MNCs) to set up their regional hubs in Greater KL. As usual, lots of questions such as what is the size of these 100 MNCs, is the goal realistic, how much can these 100 MNCs help Greater KL … Read more47 MNCs and 6,312 work opportunities

GST in secondary. MIEA clueless.

How will GST affect the secondary property transactions? Do you already know? If you do not know, you may want to ask your real estate agents. The only issue is, even your real estate agents may not know. According to the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) president Siva Shanker, he hoped that the Customs … Read moreGST in secondary. MIEA clueless.

Malaysian economy? Always watch ‘Services’ and ‘Manufacturing’

I have written about this two or three times. It’s okay, let’s repeat one more time since this time it was announced during a Bank Negara Malaysia press conference by none other than the Bank Governor herself. She said, ‘domestic demand is anchor and driver of growth.’ Period. Without any doubt, the just announced 6% … Read moreMalaysian economy? Always watch ‘Services’ and ‘Manufacturing’

Property 2015: Gloom, Boom and Doom

This article first appeared in the January 2015 edition of Property Hunter magazine. Many are still buying. Even more are waiting by the side. Real estate agents are complaining that servicing a buying customer needs lots of patience these days. Even my lawyer friend said that the number of transactions have really slowed down for … Read moreProperty 2015: Gloom, Boom and Doom

Same mortgage rates into 2016

Would you be happy if your mortgage payment(s) remain the same throughout 2015? I think I would be happy. For those on the borderline who kept shouting that they needed help, they should also be happy. In fact, I think the ones who are neutral would be those who are debt free and out all … Read moreSame mortgage rates into 2016

Ringgit down, Ratings stay – Moody’s.

Somehow, the ‘heavy rain’ has also created some rainbows here and there. Moody’s Investor’s Service said that the depreciation of Ringgit of about 11% (yes recovered slightly on 4th Feb 2015) will not affect Malaysia’s sovereign rating much. The reason is because 97% of the government’s debt is denominated in Ringgit. Quite a clever government … Read moreRinggit down, Ratings stay – Moody’s.

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