You may not get good tenants all the time, but still proceed

With urbanisation, properties in the Klang Valley is always a good choice where rental is concerned. Many people are moving into the Klang Valley to work and would definitely need to rent. With escalating prices, some may believe renting is an easier and better option. Well, decision is yours. My friend asked me if he […]

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KIDEX off? KIDEX on? More expressways on the way.

Those who are against KIDEZ are serious. There is even a Facebook page set up just for this purpose. The original article, with full explanations on why KIDEX is not good as well rebutting claims from KIDEX.  Happy reading them. I am very sure those who are protesting the KIDEX have their own valid […]

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Positive Rental Yield in Kepong

I wrote on Kepong being as good area to buy today because the price has yet to appreciate too much, thus rental yield is still positive. Today I saw another property which should give a positive rental yield depending on how old you are. 🙂 A colleague said, ‘Kepong ar, aiya I don’t want’. It […]

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Rental yields versus Property price appreciation

During lunch few days ago, my colleague said she got to know that Australia homes does not have good rental yields. I explained briefly why. Typically, rental yield would be low when the property prices increase much faster than the rental rate. Assume you bought a condo few years ago and rented it out. Today, […]

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Property for rental – Kepong

My colleague bought a new property recently and told me that he has a good deal. I asked him why. He said he bought it for just RM240,000 but rental can be as high as RM1,300 per month. It got me interested and I asked for the name and I did some checks online. It […]

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Penang property for rental – two better than one

My brother discussed about buying properties for rental recently. He asked, if he could afford only a RM400,000 loan today, should he buy one property at RM400,000 or two at RM200,000 each. I told him, as long as he understands the rental market, both options are okay. However, if I must choose one, then it […]

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Penang property for rental

Is it easy to rent out your property in Penang? The answer is yes, as long as the location is not in a secluded spot. If it is in BJ, Gelugor, Relau, Sg. Ara, Bayan Baru, then it is even more easier as there are a lot of people who work in the manufacturing zones […]

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