2018: Average increment is 5-6%. Promotions get 15-19%.

It’s already halfway through the Chinese New Year for 2018. Have you gotten the increment letter yet? I changed job in August 2017 so I do not expect any sudden change just after 4 months. 😛  What do you think your friends, peers or other Malaysian professionals are getting? According to JobStreet’s Job Outlook 2018 report, the […]

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When the job market is stable…

Job market is a very important barometer of the economy. It is also the main pillar of support for all investments including property. When more jobs are lost than created, trouble is brewing. Singapore is already a major financial centre rivalling the top in the world while Malaysia’s only ahead of other ASEAN countries for […]

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Company is losing money, noted. Just don’t cut my housing allowances.

If you are the new CEO of a losing money company, what would you do if your company is ‘bleeding’ money because of high operational costs? Naturally, you will start to cut your operational costs. Hopefully you are also paid lower than the previous CEO who would have been asked to go earlier for causing […]

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Updated – More freedom but less money?

If you know Cantonese, there’s a radio station in the morning that you could listen to. Melody FM. Haha. Yes, usually only those closer to 40 year old are listening. If you are English based, then BFM is a good one. Please do listen to stations which helps us to improve our lives and not […]

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I went from ‘somebody’ to ‘nobody’. Yeah, not easy actually.

One month ago, an awesome ex team-mate who’s now a good friend wrote an article in her blog here. “I knew very little besides volleyball.” She is part of a not-for-profit volleyball club, City Rangers Volleyball Club, set up by ex-national players to share their experience and play a part in nurturing the next set of […]

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Love your job or lose your job.

A close friend was asking me about his career. He said he felt that he was doing way too many things and that perhaps he should just do one thing really well instead. I asked him if he likes all the things that he was doing currently. His answer was a YES. I shared with […]

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How to invest when we are used to spending since young? Parents, take note.

It was 4pm on a weekend. My sister suggested a tea break session which was quickly agreed by my brother and I. We went to a nearby cafe. After ordering the food and drinks, we went to find a table. The whole cafe was full of people. Specifically, full of teenagers and young adults. I […]

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Career? Never straightforward, usually. Stability or potentially?

I stayed 4 years in my first job. I loved my job too and I thought I could work there forever. I only started looking out because my new Japanese GM gave me a rating of C for my performance appraisal. Quite funny because I was a top performer in the first three years and […]

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Don’t pressure your manager, just perform. 

I am not satisfied with my increment. How can you help me? The company did not keep its promise. How am I supposed to live with a small increment? Has any of your staffs asked you this question before? A friend who just became a people manager told me that his staff asked him this […]

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#BeHuman. Losing a job is scary but doing the same thing every year is scarier!

Having a job allows us to earn a salary. With a salary we can do many things and invest it for more returns. We can bring our loved ones for vacations. I do know that I have to work until I retire. That’s still a long time in future. (18-20 years perhaps) So, I am […]

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