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Potential is everywhere. Find one and grow with it whether it’s a SME or a MNC.

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It was reported in many medias today (16th May 2018) that the government is reviewing 17,000 contractual political appointees so as to reduce government expenditure. Here’s one in TheStar.¬†¬†Here’s another…


Nothing clever about just ‘reading titles.’ Increase productivity, not just the salary.

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Many people were forwarding an infographic from TheEdgeMalaysia with the title, ‘Half of Malaysians earn below RM2,000 a month.’ Their comments? ‘Oh dear, how sad…’ I am not sure if…

Don’t ‘kill’ your sales people yea… (HOT SUN)

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Every time a sales person closes one property deal, the reward is pretty good. That is why some sales people (either from the developer or from a real estate agency)…

Why more flexibility can still be higher salary and good for employers too

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Many millennials I know tell me that they would become a boss one day. Of course most of them said it’s because their current boss treats them badly or pays…

1,123 applications approved. Ambank will be 12 pct ‘lighter’

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When a company decides to cut costs, they usually start with people. This is because it’s not possible to sell partial of its fixed assets and which is often needed…

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