Practical money tips – buying furnitures for your new home

To those who think a sofa set is at minimum RM8,000 or higher, you may skip this article. You bought a new condo. You need to fill it up with furnitures. How much is enough? Today, I share with you real prices as at today or perhaps this year. It should not exceed RM7,000 and … Read morePractical money tips – buying furnitures for your new home


Buying condo – why low floors may just be better

Many of my friends asked me why all the condos I bought are on low floors. Lowest was first floor and highest was just tenth floor. I also own or have owned 3rd floor, 5th floor and 7th floor properties too. I have also stayed on 12th floor for a few years too. I normally … Read moreBuying condo – why low floors may just be better

Tips on why NOT to buy a condo

You saw an advertisement for a very low priced condo. There are many units available. In fact price psf is cheaper than the apartment you are staying now. Full facilities. Ample parking spaces. You immediately called the agent who said viewing is possible and that the condo is value for money. There are four tips … Read moreTips on why NOT to buy a condo

I come, I see, I buy? Manage your risk please.

Julius Caesar famously said Veni Vidi Vici.  “I came, I saw, I conquered.”. Let’s see this with regards to buying a property. I have an ex colleague, a Singaporean who told me that many years ago, he bought a condo in Melaka. Many years as in 8-10 years. He could not remember anymore and no … Read moreI come, I see, I buy? Manage your risk please.

Property market rebounding in Q3 2014. (That’s quite soon)

I read in The Star online today. (15 Feb) We have yet another prediction. 🙂   Depending on which report or news you read, the opinions are quite varied. Today, Siva Shanker, the MIEA President said that the cooling measures may have sent the market into a tailspin but Malaysians have a short memory and … Read moreProperty market rebounding in Q3 2014. (That’s quite soon)

Penang property – why I like Sungai Ara

Many years ago, when I was chatting with a fellow Toastmaster friend and he learnt that I was buying in Sungai Ara, he said I should have gotten a property in Bayan Baru instead. This is because Sungai Ara was not accessible and jammed all the time due to the bottleneck at the Relau and … Read morePenang property – why I like Sungai Ara

Penang properties – Tanjung Tokong

I stayed for a few years in Tanjung Bungah when I was still working in Menara Boustead ( formerly PSCI). I stayed in Leader Garden. In fact that was the very first time I stayed in a condo because before that, I used to rent a room along the huge houses in Barrack Road. I … Read morePenang properties – Tanjung Tokong

Renovation gets higher returns?

Recently, a friend said that she does not mind buying a house with little renovations because if she were to renovate it would probably be just the kitchen anyway. This brought me back to what I am looking for when I look for properties. If it is for my own stay, the renovation MUST meet … Read moreRenovation gets higher returns?

What is considered reasonable property price?

There are quite a lot of answers but typically, if the property price is 4-5 times of the typical annual income, then it is considered reasonable. For example, if you earn RM5,000 per month x 12 months = RM60,000. A reasonable property price to you would be RM300,000 at max. Many of my younger friends … Read moreWhat is considered reasonable property price?

Dont buy leasehold property

I have to be honest, if prices are exactly the same and the location is the same, I would take freehold anytime. However, if you noticed, leasehold properties are typically cheaper. Perhaps 15-20% cheaper sometimes. Most of the time, the leasehold properties are also in good areas. As an example, Kelana Jaya. A friend buying … Read moreDont buy leasehold property

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