The BEST among peers. This is worth sharing Malaysians.

If we really want to create a more positive sentiment, articles like these should be forwarded. Just plain numbers versus everyone else. This is NOT a prediction from some property experts about some bad potential happenings. This is the title: “Malaysia beats emerging market peers as Asia outshines.” Article is from The Edge Financial Daily. […]

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Important sign for the property market too; BANKS’ results

When banks are earning higher profits, that’s good for all industries, right? Basic idea, yes. This is because in a bad economy, businesses will not be borrowing too much for expansion. Banks will also be really selective as they do not want their Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) to go up because there will be some borrowers […]

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Klang Valley: Oversupply in commercial segment, updates.

Article from  According to Jones Lang Wootton’s in-house research, a total of 13.332 million sq ft of office space, in the form of 33 office buildings, is scheduled to be completed in the Klang Valley over the next 30 months, and almost half of this, 6.586 million sq ft is scheduled for completion in the […]

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iPhone’s softening demand drags down world stock markets?

iPhone users are typically very loyal to the brand. They may be proud to learn that iPhone is a very powerful device. Nope, not talking about its specs. The power of iPhone in affecting world stock markets. Here’s that article saying so in TheStar:  Apple, trade woes sink global stocks; growth worries drag on US$  Due […]

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Higher yields also mean higher risks

As much as I like to be positive about the Greater KL property market, we must still be wary of world happenings too. It’s uncommon for companies to use up all their cash reserves for operating expenses. The reason is because cash reserves enable the companies to have opportunities to take up sudden available opportunities, […]

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Another RM1.88 billion coming into the property market

It’s always good to note that while sentiment among the first-time home buyers are not that positive, there are a lot of investors who have a firm belief with the long term potential of the Malaysian property market. Earlier article here: RM10 billion by CPCG into the Malaysian property market  Now, we have another one. […]

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A weaker Ringgit due to a stronger greenback (2019…)

Do you like a stronger Ringgit? I do. Especially because I love travelling. Well, bad news for us, at least for 2019. Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) expects the ringgit to continue to depreciate against the US dollar next year, as the greenback continues to grow stronger and also due to other external uncertainties. Our BNM Governor, […]

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Extra RM2.4 billion for affordable home, good news? (Only if…)

I agree with Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng fully on this one.Article in TheStar here. American investment bank Goldman Sachs should return the US$588mil (RM2.4bil) in it was paid for 1MDB-related matters. This RM2.4 billion fee was for the raising of bonds totalling US$6.5 billion (RM23.29 billion) 1MDB back in 2012 and 2013. He said, “They must pay […]

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HIGHEST since October 2008! Positive for the Ringgit, hopefully?

By the way, the strength of a currency SHOULD depend on the trade. The higher the exports, the higher the demand for our currency and the value should appreciate. It should NOT be based on speculative stuffs. As a trading nation, Malaysia is ranked 25th out of over 200 countries in the world. Yes, for […]

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Taxes, governments, people and economic growth

Rumours never stop. Do they usually come true or turn out to be false? Anyway, without spark, there’s no fire. Of course, we do have fire extinguishers too which can take out the fire fast. This is the Article in FreeMalaysiaToday: Investors brace for tax on capital gains, consumers  It quoted Geoffrey Ng, a director of Fortress […]

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