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Category: Australia Property Investment

Things we MUST know before we invest into Melbourne real estate

Posted in Australia Property Investment

Real estate investment is a super-expensive decision to make. This is especially for Malaysians who are now diversifying into overseas properties. When we look at the distance as well as…


Expert Series with Australian Property Developer – Ken Dodds about the Melbourne property market

Posted in Australia Property Investment, and Expert Series Q&A (Recommended)

Charles Tan of Kopi and Property speaks with Ken Dodds- Resimax Group partner and director of Resimax Malaysia. Ken Dodds is uniquely qualified to offer insights and guidance to anyone…

Melbourne: Most liveable and an attractive city for property investment?

Posted in Australia Property Investment, Property Australia, and Starting Property Investing

I was in Melbourne just 2 months ago. It was my 4th time visiting an Australian city (besides Perth and Sydney earlier) and I have to say that it lives…

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