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MAPEX Perak 2018: Choices, freely. Comparisons, easily. Learning from speakers, free.

Posted in Ipoh Property Related, Press Releases (developers and more), and Property Fair News

Decisions are not usually made without any potential comparisons. A good friend just asked me about two potential properties. I asked her to go and talk to the sales people…


Upcoming sharing: Property prices are too high & oversupply in the market. Still invest?

Posted in Press Releases (developers and more), and Property Fair News

I will be speaking in’s Home& Property Investment Fair in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from 20 – 22 July 2018. My session is on Sunday. (Hopefully it’s save the…

Making sense with properties near MRT by looking at the 4Ps (People, Price, Policy and Preference)

Posted in Approaching Events, Investment Resources, and Property, KL / Selangor

Anyone buying a property for own-stay is actually starting their property investment journey. The question is only if they continue buying the second, third and so on. When we embark…

Dr. Renesial Leong: “Chart your path towards a sustainable retirement”

Posted in Approaching Events

Final reminder to sign up yeah. A few key topics I like include ‘Is the Malaysian property market going to crash?’ The answer is not important. We must learn to…

IRERS 2018 – Industrial Sessions with important issues and prominent experts

Posted in Approaching Events, and IRERS 2018

These four Industrial Sessions would be reasons why we must participate in the IRERS 2018.¬†Participation details at the bottom of this article. #1 – Should Waqf properties be used to…

Expert Series with Asia’s Property Queen, Dr. Renesial Leong

Posted in Approaching Events, Expert Series Q&A (Recommended), and Property, KL / Selangor

It’s my honour and pleasure to have Dr. Renesial Leong for our Expert Series. The theme for this session: “Never Work Again Unless You Choose To Through Properties.” Dr. Renesial…

International Real Estate Research Symposium 2018 is here. Register asap!

Posted in Approaching Events, and IRERS 2018

IRERS is a well-established international real estate conference in Malaysia. The theme for IRERS 2018 is Emerging Trends and Evolving Diversity in Real Estate. This is an event that I…

“Reasons Why MRT Should Affect Your Property Buying Decisions”

Posted in Approaching Events

Opportunities come only to those who are ready. Buying properties should not happen suddenly, actually. Understand what’s happening and get to know what are the choices available. These are pre-requisites…

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