Further, Smaller, Future. Same price?

A good friend said that when there are too many units of affordable homes, the prices will not be rising. Well, as long as the overall demand continues to increase due to urbanisation of the population, the following scenario will happen. It has happened in all advanced nations of the world today and will definitely … Read moreFurther, Smaller, Future. Same price?


Moving around, so better not buy?

Someone asked if buying a property is a must. Seriously, it is NOT. If one has barely enough for monthly expenses, why ‘waste’ it on mortgage payments? If we are moving from a smaller town to KL for work and intends to stay just 2-3 years, should we buy a property? In a Facebook posting, … Read moreMoving around, so better not buy?

Buying for future children. (literally!)

We are used to reading about articles on buying a property for children’s future. This is because when they grow up, they could only afford a very small sized home or very far away home. So, parents buy for them so that the kids could also afford to stay in a place not so far … Read moreBuying for future children. (literally!)

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