FIABCI Malaysia: No property bubble bursting soon

These days, in my talks, people no longer ask me about the potential of property bubble bursting. Maybe they have forgotten a viral Whatsapp just a few months back about an imminent property bubble bursting. Maybe they are ow very confident with the new government? Anyway, every time anyone asked, I would point out to […]

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Very good question. Buy landed or buy high-rise? (Focus on price)

I was invited to join my good friend Miichael Yeoh the other day for this talk: “Budget 2019 and the Impact on Properties. Strategies Moving Forward.” In the nearly 2 hour sharing and taking questions from the attendees, one particular question popped up again, as usual. “For property investment, isn’t it better to buy landed because […]

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Malaysia’s AirBnB fastest growing in Southeast Asia! 99% increase.

Thinking of short-term rental instead of the usual yearly renewals like today? Well, the first thing will be to make sure that the place you bought for AirBnB allows AirBnB in the first place. Else, the owner who rented out his place under AirBnB could be fined even up to RM200 if they are caught […]

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Loan eligibility from 17 financial institutions in 10 minutes. (Cool!)

When I bought my first apartment over 15 years ago, the loan application took close to 2 weeks. These days, many real estate negotiators would tell me that it takes not more than a few days. They could also do some Debt Service Ratio (DSR) calculation and give me an assessment in 10 minutes probably. […]

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Retired and turbulence in the market arrives…?

If I follow the convention, I need to work another 15 years before retiring. 56 years old. Hopefully, I can keep working in something I like for far longer than 15 years though after retiring, I hope to be doing more travelling instead. Should we worry about retirement when we retire or now? Answer is […]

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KLCP 2020 public consultation, Taman Rimba Kiara and corruption

I have been to Taman Rimba Kiara a few times with my family. My kids love it. Perhaps the only issue is that it’s not easy to find parking during the peak periods when people are there for their morning exercise. I always wish we continue to have more green lungs instead of lesser. Thus, […]

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Klang Valley: Oversupply in commercial segment, updates.

Article from  According to Jones Lang Wootton’s in-house research, a total of 13.332 million sq ft of office space, in the form of 33 office buildings, is scheduled to be completed in the Klang Valley over the next 30 months, and almost half of this, 6.586 million sq ft is scheduled for completion in the […]

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IOI Properties’s LiVO Referral (Refer and Earn up to RM56,000)

[Sponsored] Some people say it’s best to work two jobs nowadays due to the high cost of living. Actually, there’s another thing we could do. Refer and Earn. We could help our friends and we earn referral fees. This is especially if we know that they are looking for a property their requirements include looking […]

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National Housing Policy – social renting, private renting and ownership

It’s very important for the government to have programmes for the B40 households. If this household  really could not yet afford paying for a home via mortgages, then getting them to pay the lowest rental possible is necessary. The reason is because once people pay too high rentals, they have no savings for future. In […]

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6 reasons I love secondary properties

If you prefer to buy a home which you are the FIRST owner, then you may skip this article. 🙂  However, if you are looking at buying something of ‘What You See is What You Get?,’ then this sharing is written just for you. In my property investment adventure thus far, I have bought both […]

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