120% bank loan possible?

When I was driving home from Sitiawan to Ipoh home today, I saw a huge banner for a new development project saying that a 120% loan from the bank can be arranged. I believe banks no longer give more than 90% and it is even based on your net income. In fact for commercial, typically … Read more120% bank loan possible?


Expert Series Q&A – Penang Property Secondary Market – Mr. Stephen Soon

Today, in our Expert Series Q & A, we have Mr. Stephen Soon. He is the Chairman of Penang’s Auctioneers Association as well as the Managing Director for MNP Auctioneers. He has always been seen as someone dynamic and has a very formidable team working with him in the real estate industry. Let’s learn from … Read moreExpert Series Q&A – Penang Property Secondary Market – Mr. Stephen Soon

Property Investment is not ‘everything’

A close friend asked me since I love property, do I invest everything I have into property. I told her, no. It is important to understand the limitations and cons of property. When you need sudden cash, property would not be able to provide you with such a flexibility even if you are willing to … Read moreProperty Investment is not ‘everything’

Buying property – Lawyers fee

Besides the 10% downpayment, what else do you need to prepare when you are buying a property? Actually, there’s another component which is quite a lot of money. Yes, it’s the lawyer’s fee. In fact, this can be quite a huge amount depending on the price of the property that you are buying. In fact, … Read moreBuying property – Lawyers fee

Buying condo and wait 15 years?

An Ipoh friend working in Singapore told me that she may want to buy a condo in Ipoh for her retirement. ‘You are retiring in a few years’ time?’ I asked. She said, nolar, buy now for future, since the price will continue to go up and S$ to RM is very advantageous to me. … Read moreBuying condo and wait 15 years?

New Baby? New Property.

One of my old friend said that having a baby means extra expenses. I totally agree. Then he asked me how am I planning for the baby since the education fees are getting more and more expensive especially when the baby is ready for university. While I do think university fees are going to get … Read moreNew Baby? New Property.

Buying Ipoh Property for retirement?

My colleague asked me just a few days ago, ‘Should I buy Ipoh property’ today? I was thinking Ipoh might be a good place to retire since KL properties are becoming so expensive. Penang is even higher priced since it is just an island.’  I told her if she really like to retire in Ipoh, … Read moreBuying Ipoh Property for retirement?

Rental yields versus Property price appreciation

During lunch few days ago, my colleague said she got to know that Australia homes does not have good rental yields. I explained briefly why. Typically, rental yield would be low when the property prices increase much faster than the rental rate. Assume you bought a condo few years ago and rented it out. Today, … Read moreRental yields versus Property price appreciation

How to spot property bubble?

There are way too many articles about property bubbles. Your friends who has yet to buy a property has been talking about it for years. Your friend who buys many properties tells you that property bubble is impossible to happen in these few years. So, do you want to know how to spot a bubble? … Read moreHow to spot property bubble?

GST and property

My friend, Ms. Lilian forwarded me a very good read. Let me share briefly with all. Will gst push up property prices? Yes and No. It really depends on the type of properties that you are buying. Will GST result in huge increases in property prices? If everything is implemented right, answer is no. Reason … Read moreGST and property

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