Experts said, ‘affordable properties’ NO MORE (nonsense)

This article was written one year ago but affordable units are still available even today. To show this, the article has an update on 16 Dec 2015. Do refer to the image for some latest affordable secondary choices in many areas in Selangor. Do refer below for some choices from property You can also … Read moreExperts said, ‘affordable properties’ NO MORE (nonsense)

Reclaiming an area 3% of Singapore.

Yes, this is as per what the title says. Country Garden Holdings Co Ltd, with Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor (PRJ) have planned a development of over 5,000 acres of reclaimed land. This is 3% the size of Singapore today! Remember Country Garden? The developer which launched 9,000 units of condo in one go and announced … Read moreReclaiming an area 3% of Singapore.

It’s the duration, not the distance. ok?

My friend visited me the other day from Penang. Born, schooled, got married and working in Penang. A pure Penangite. She went shopping and at 545pm, she travelled from city centre back to my condo in Damansara Damai within 40 minutes. There were some slow jams here and there. When she arrived, I asked her … Read moreIt’s the duration, not the distance. ok?

Financial Tips from Financial Guru, KC Lau

1. What are the three ingredients for someone to succeed financially if he/she had just entered the working world and have very little savings to begin with? I. Always live below your means: I see many youngsters straight away buy a new car after they got their first paycheck. This is so dangerous (no pun … Read moreFinancial Tips from Financial Guru, KC Lau

RM1,480 psf only, Shah Alam, I-City

I was at I-City to watch the lights two days ago with my in-laws who came from Penang and Sandakan. Everyone had a great time with the lights though at times, we do feel it’s warm. Perhaps due to El-Nino which has started? I have no idea. Before I-City, we had dinner at my favourite mall, … Read moreRM1,480 psf only, Shah Alam, I-City

Turtles, corals, water features, Your home

There are many projects in Penang which is above RM1,000 psf. I have only been to a few of them including E&O’s Seri Tanjung Pinang in Tanjung Tokong and IJM’s The Light, right next to the Penang Bridge. Somehow, I happen to have a few very rich friends though I am very far away from … Read moreTurtles, corals, water features, Your home

Buying Iskandar, Sunway, Citrine, RM800psf

Sunway’s latest project is a 728hs township in Iskandar and its first phase will be launched soon. Pricing is estimated to be around RM800 per sq ft. They named it Citrine. Should you be buying since this is the first launch out of a huge integrated development? Are you seriously thinking about Iskandar? Well, Ms … Read moreBuying Iskandar, Sunway, Citrine, RM800psf

Why property prices would fall, my view

Until today, I do not believe there is such thing as a totally free demand and supply based pricing. This is despite the fact that prices are now more transparent than ever and news travel much faster, perhaps even in the blink of a mouse click. The more common reasons would be the distortions caused … Read moreWhy property prices would fall, my view

IJM Corp, IJM Land, RM1.98B privatisation deal

If IJM Corp’s RM1.98 Billion share-swap deal plus cash is successful, IJM Land will be privatised and no longer listed. One less property stock that you can buy from Bursa. IJM Corp is asking IJM Land to consider it and reply by 23 June. I think the objections are likely to be low. If I … Read moreIJM Corp, IJM Land, RM1.98B privatisation deal

SIJORI. Haha. What’s this?

Do you know what is SIJORI? I do not, until I read an article written by Sharon Chen of Bloomberg. SIJORI meant Singapore + Johor + Riau. In one sentence, she said that for Singapore to continue to grow, it will need to rely on both Johor (Iskandar) and Riau (Indonesia). These two places will … Read moreSIJORI. Haha. What’s this?

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