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The elderly, that property and AirBnB for more money

Posted in Property, KL / Selangor, and Retirement Related

It’s not an easy task to help the elderly. This is especially when they retire and no longer have a fixed income and has to rely on their savings or…


Income level is more important than the property price. True?

Posted in Personal Finance, and Starting Property Investing

Here’s a long article in NST which I think gives a very good idea about the property market versus the salary. Many prominent property people were also quoted. Read it…

Oh dear, new RM28.63 billion of obligations for 1MDB?

Posted in Malaysian economy and more

These days, 1MDB is not that hot n issue anymore. It is now part of the new government’s issue. Recently, The Straits Times of Singapore reported that 1MDB’s debt obligations…

Third bridge welcomed, crooked bridge can wait.

Posted in Iskandar / JB Property, and Property Singapore related

I favour more connectivities between Johor (JB) and Singapore (SG). Both sides would benefit and it’s totally untrue that only one side will benefit (whichever side you want to look…

Here’s why new townships represent super opportunities – A.H.A!

Posted in Property Negeri Sembilan, Property Seremban, and Property, KL / Selangor

It’s easy to get carried away with the suggestion that properties are now way too expensive for Malaysians. No one could blame this thought because everyone would usually confine their…

S P Setia is confident with Melbourne property demand

Posted in Property Australia

Most Malaysians I know love to visit Australia. It’s really apt that their two cities; Melbourne and Sydney is always among the world’s most liveable cities. Personally, I have been…

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