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Airport related

Personal Finance 101: Anyone could lose their job. Everyone needs to be ready, especially financially.

I just read about Meta announcing a fresh wave of job cuts and the numbers being announced would be 10,000 over the next few months. I quickly checked and according to statista (click here for source) Meta has over 86,000 employees as at December 2022. When we use this as calculation, it meant that around 11-12 pct of the current employees would cease to be employees of Meta in a few months time.

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Airport related

KLIA: Increasing passengers? Still world’s best airport for Q3 2022?

From July 2022 till end October 2022, I have been to KLIA nearly every few weeks. I flew to Nashville (USA), Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and even Hong Kong. It was zero flights for nearly 2 years and I flew more than enough to replace those 2 years. I was also one of the earliest ones to visit Hong Kong under their latest 0+3 arrangement. This means there are no quarantine hotels needed. However, there are still some requirements. If you are going to Hong Kong, you can read it here. Travelling to Hong Kong: Tips to be ahead of 0+3

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