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kopiandproperty.com is a leading independent property blog for working professionals here in Malaysia. There are NO get rich quick schemes here. We get 40,000 views every month. (ZERO spending on marketing or adwords etc..)  There are over 3,600 articles for your reading pleasure.

Most of the time, the writer is the Founder, Charles Tan but occasionally by some industry friends too. It is mostly based on what the executive editor has experienced for the past 16 years in property investment as well as readings and conversations with the real property gurus in the industry. (Charles is the CEO of TEN Auctioneers Sdn Bhd based in Solaris Mont Kiara. He is a Licensed Auctioneer)

Charles Tan’s views and articles have appeared in the following publications thus far. (More to come)



Charles speaks regularly property events too. In his previous role, Charles has conducted trainings to sales and customer service professionals in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. He has conducted Handling Objections trainings to developer sales teams, online startups, real estate agencies and more. Some recent events as below:

He also been featured in TV series on investment before. Extra activities? He is also a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and is a Founding Member and committee for iAuthors Club Malaysia. 

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kopiandproperty.com is everything about property related writings and news. Enjoy reading with a latte.

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Property investment news everyday?

An article a day, keeps updated all the way. Subscribe for free!