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Category: Affordable Properties

Affordable Properties

People’s Housing Projects (PPR) should be for rent and not for sale

People’s Housing Projects (PPR) is built to provide homes to Malaysians who could not afford their own home as yet. Thus, all these PPR homes must be for the benefit of poor Malaysians and not to enrich anyone who managed to get a unit and is then sub-letting the unit out to foreigners and gaining profits from it while many other needy Malaysians are having to wait for a unit for years.

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ABCs of Property Investment

Property Investment 101: Property price will drop when we have many affordable properties, right?

“Charles, we have too many affordable apartments being built today. This will soon collapse the market.” I still remember this statement from a friend (not a good friend, not a close friend, just a friend) many years ago. Well it was before Covid’s arrival. It was at a time when every developer were telling the world that their affordable project is the best affordable one. Somehow, it scared my friend who thought that property price will collapse when there are too many affordable apartments being built.

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