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ABCs of Personal Finance

Personal Finance 101: Fresh Engineer and the monthly salary. So little, how and what to do?

Anyone here who does not want to complain that their pay is low? Well, even engineers are also complaining, not just those with non-technical degrees which the supply is much higher than the supply of fresh engineers. My brother and my two brother-in-laws are all engineers. They have been engineers for a long time and I think they will retire as an engineer. All three are holding senior level positions today. However, all three started from that low starting salary like many fresh engineers.

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Personal Finance 101: Anyone could lose their job. Everyone needs to be ready, especially financially.

I just read about Meta announcing a fresh wave of job cuts and the numbers being announced would be 10,000 over the next few months. I quickly checked and according to statista (click here for source) Meta has over 86,000 employees as at December 2022. When we use this as calculation, it meant that around 11-12 pct of the current employees would cease to be employees of Meta in a few months time.

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ABCs of Personal Finance

Microsoft Corp. and Inc will cut a total of 28,000 jobs

Actually it’s not just 28,000 because these 28,000 people may also have their family members who would also be affected too. In other words, this may potentially affect another 28,000 other people indirectly too. Before we become too affected, we should also know if these two companies are actually facing any financial issues at the moment.

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