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Travel Bubble Malaysia: Activities in Langkawi starting 16th September. Good?

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Travel Bubble Malaysia: Requirements for Langkawi for all travellers

Earlier, we have this announcement that Langkawi will be the first place which will become a travel bubble for Malaysia. Read here: Langkawi starts first Then, we have this: Langkawi: Reopening SOPs. Now, we have even more details and yes, 16th September is really the day when Langkawi welcomes travellers. The following are all the activities allowed.

Actually, I do not know what are not allowed. It does seem that everything one would usually do in Langkawi is now allowed.

Article in nst.com.my Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri shared following key points.

Everyone who’s fully-vaccinated from all states and all phases (except under EMCO) of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) are welcomed in Langkawi.

“There is also no mandatory Covid-19 screening test nor insurance coverage.”

Activities permitted include beach activities such as water sports, snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing. Also allowed are visits to edutainment centers, recreation parks, extreme/ adventure/ nature parks, farms, aquariums, zoos and other leisure, recreational and social activities.

Also allowed are special interest tourism activities such as golfing, cycling, angling, yachting and others.

Eco geo-travel activities such as bird watching, caving, mountain climbing, white water rafting, hiking, jungle trekking; camping and others are also permitted.

Museums, libraries and art galleries, cultural heritage art centers/villages, cultural performances and others are also open to tourists.

Theme parks and family entertainment centres including academic tours at the Geopark Discovery Center, Balai Seni and padi fields will also be allowed to resume starting Sept 16. Do read the full article here: Article in nst.com.my

This will really be a test to future travel bubble Malaysia

Seriously, I do not believe the cases will be zero from this travel bubble. I certainly hope so. However, what’s important is the enforcement and the adherence to all SOPs so that we do not have some unnecessary circumstances happening which will jeopardise all future travel bubbles which will certainly start if the one in Langkawi works well.

By the way, if this goes well, it’s also possible to have some international flights too from the region. One thing is for sure, an island will always be an attractive place to be. Plus the fact that Langkawi is also a duty-free island yeah. Last but not least, after such a long time cooped at home, this is that ‘revenge travel’ time for many. Stay safe everyone.

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