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Scam. Retiree. RM400,000 parcel?

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Scam. Retiree. RM400,000 parcel?

Always be aware of all the tricks which scammers are using to scam people these days. We recently have a scam related to the king of fruits, durian and the seller actually lost over RM400,000. Today, we have another scam which happened to a retiree and the amount lost is RM400,000. Most of the time, money lost will be hard to get back. Let’s be aware of all these different scams.

Article in thestar.com.my A 78-year-old retiree was cheated of RM400,000 after meeting a person on Facebook claiming to be an American.

State Commercial Crime Investigations Department chief Supt Aibee Ab Ghani said, “The individual, who identified herself as Velostin Tina, told the victim that she wanted to send a parcel containing US$1.5mil (RM6.24mil) to Malaysia and if it was possible if she could send it through him.”

He added that the widower met the person on June 20 and said that the victim was told that he would get 30% of the cash once she arrived here.

Supt Aibee said after some time, the victim received a message on WhatsApp from the suspect telling him that the parcel has reached the Customs Department at KL International Airport (KLIA).

“However, the victim was told that he would have to make some payments for tax and duties to get it. He was told to make the payments into several local bank accounts,” he said, adding that the victim then banked in cash amounting to RM400,000 into several local bank accounts. Do read the full story here: Article in thestar.com.my

While ignorance is one big cause, it’s important for us not to be tricked by our greed

The reason why I continue to share all these different ways which the scammers are using and innovating is hopefully to stop at least some future potential victims from losing their hard earned money.

However, it’s also very important for us to stop thinking about earning fast money and start understanding that there are definitely reasons why these easy money was not given to someone the scammer knows instead. Why must the scammer find a stranger and offer some big money to the stranger?

Quick returns way above anything we know is usually a scam too…

If someone were to tell you that if you invest into what they are offering, you will get returns every month and even assuming it’s just 5% per month, that’s 60% per year. If this person can offer a 60% return per annum, they will NOT OFFER YOU. They will offer to the all banks because the banks would be able to invest billions and not hundreds or thousands like most of us. So, there is a reason why they did not offer to the banks… okay?

Stay safe everyone.

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