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Press Release: Sime Darby Property Reimagines the Future of Malaysian Homes Through ‘Concept Home 2030 Competition

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Sime Darby Property

Press Release: Sime Darby Property Reimagines the Future of Malaysian Homes Through ‘Concept Home 2030 Competition

Open architectural design ideas competition in partnership with Malaysian Institute of  Architects to discover future home design concepts; 

– Concept Home 2030 aims to reimagine sustainable building, living, & home ownership of the  future through design, construction, technology & lifestyle; and to share the concept with the  people today. 

ARA DAMANSARA, 25 AUGUST 2021 – Imagine the quintessential Malaysian terrace home. Now  break the mould. Sime Darby Property Berhad (“Sime Darby Property” or “Company”) is ready to  reinvent the run-of-the-mill terrace homes to fit the future, with a complete overhaul from the  inception of the idea, to how these houses are designed and built to suit homeowners’ every need. 

2020 was the year homes became more important than ever as a global disruption changed the  way we live. However, the mainstay of Malaysian homes, the terrace house, has barely changed  over the decades. Sime Darby Property intends to seize the opportunity to envision life in the future  by reimagining how we will live.  

To make the vision a reality, Sime Darby Property is pleased to announce the ‘Concept Home 2030  Competition’ (“Competition”) in partnership with Malaysian Institute of Architects (“Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia” or “PAM”). The Competition invites corporate architects registered with PAM to  reimagine the potential Malaysian style of living in 2030 and articulate their vision of the future ready terrace home by stepping outside the box to produce ideas that will truly make a dynamic  shift in how we live, and for Sime Darby Property to bring the future to Malaysians. 

It is not about merely designing a house with a green façade that is buildable tomorrow, participating  architects are encouraged to push the boundaries with futuristic and inspirational ideas to disrupt  the way we design, develop and build people-centric homes via construction tech, property tech  and design tech for sustainable communities & townships of the future. From building materials and  methods in the construction phase, to sustainable living features beyond the walls of the home,  these envisioned terrace homes are premised on conceptual and advanced technology of a  Concept Home.

The Concept Home should aim to have highly flexible space utilisation and customisable features  to cater to multiple members to work and learn from home at any given time. The home should be  expandable based on human needs and on modular fundamentals that truly redefine community,  rather than just individual homes. 

Sime Darby Property’s Group Managing Director, Dato’ Azmir Merican said, “The principles of ‘form  follows function’, has served our society for generations. To shape the future of how we live, we  must discover trailblazing ideas from visionaries of the built realm. The biggest challenge to solve  for Malaysian terrace home designs today is for it to be built and function efficiently with versatile  space which allows diverse functions and use. The future is calling for these ideas today. 

We must respond to disruptions and concerns from the past few decades, especially ones related  to climate change, home ownership, material scarcity, as well as evolving lifestyles. Through this  Competition, we want to see the vision of tomorrow’s homes inbuilt with sophisticated technology  and features that can improve quality of life and enable more productivity”. 

The Competition encourages participants to address upcoming mega trends and future home  predictions, while finding new ways of designing, building, and innovating homes to close the  existing gaps in the market. Sime Darby Property’s history in revolutionising home design and  bringing new ideas before its time was conceptualised over a decade ago through its ‘Idea House’  – a ‘carbon-neutral concept dwelling’ for sustainable housing which was the first of such a concept  in Southeast Asia. Elements from the Idea House concept have been adapted in its more recent  residential home products, specifically in City of Elmina, Shah Alam.  

Today, Sime Darby Property is taking this further and in search of disruptive concepts to build  prototypes that will challenge the norm, adapt to ever-changing trends, reinvent the terrace home  from all aspects of technology, sustainability, modularity and future lifestyles to say the least, and  reimagine how these new home ideas fit into a future community. 

“The peak is yet to come for the property industry, and our Concept Home 2030 vision will drive us  towards bigger things to come. We are pleased to partner with PAM in this Competition, as well as  open to collaborate with other market and technology players to bring best innovation and solutions  to infuse future homes with technology and Artificial Intelligence for the home to be able to think for  itself and its occupants. Join Sime Darby Property in a journey to the future as we develop the next generation living experience and we urge the industry to accelerate innovation in developing future  homes and townships of tomorrow, together”, said Dato’ Azmir.  

PAM President, Datuk Ar. Ezumi Harzani bin Ismail said, “Through this design ideas competition,  we expect to see innovative ideas that will change the future trend, bringing in new interactive  technologies that allow people to communicate with their homes and houses that are responsive to  the environment based on the needs and desires of Malaysian modern living”. 

The Competition invites participation from architects registered with PAM, starting from 16 August  2021 and involve multiple stages before results are announced in January 2022. Entries will be  judged by a distinguished panel of adjudicators consisting of Sime Darby Property and PAM  representatives. The competition winner will win RM100,000 plus prospective commission of  executing a virtual or physical showcase project with Sime Darby Property, while second and third  placed winners will take home RM75,000 and RM50,000 respectively. Beyond the top three  winners, the competition will also award two Honorary Mention prizes and a ‘People’s Choice  Award’ in which public voting will be online for Malaysians to vote for their favourite submissions. 

For more information on the competition and submission details, visit http://www.pam.org.my. 


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