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Obtain financial knowledge, use it. Free lunch? Forget it.

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When we want to do anything, go get the knowledge. Finance 101? Property investment? Go read more lah. it’s not as hard as we think unless our greed clouded our judgement. Use the knowledge we gained towards achieving our goal(s). Nothing is free in this world, except probably air. Even water is now expensive…

When thousands of his / her students are earning hundreds of thousands…

As we browse through our Facebook or when we are listening to some songs on Youtube, we may be suddenly be shown a video of someone who looks very successful. He / She is very confident. He / She shared that he has helped hundreds of thousands of people succeed and they are now earning millions of (any currency).

Now… he / she wants you to also earn hundreds of thousands (of the currency you like) by joining his / her course too.

Two things come to mind. If he / she is so successful and has helped thousands of people to succeed, does he / she need to advertise his service? Logically, if I am his student and I managed to earn hundred of thousands, I would recommend my best friend, my good friend and all my family members to him / her.

Why would I want to be the only one earning hundreds of thousands and all my loved ones still remain poor?

Of course, nothing is free, remember?

The reason why he / she is sharing is because he / she wants you to pay for the learning fee. If he is going to teach you how to earn big money, we should pay him small money, right? Yes, we should. If I teach you selling skills, you should pay me too because you can use those skills to help you earn more money.

Just need to remember this sharing session is to learn what he / she knows because he / she has the experience and it is NOT to buy what he / she is proposing. Whatever is being proposed, always check a few other sources. Sometimes, it is not so easy to do because the speaker may tell us it is a limited time offer or that it’s limited to first 10 people.

Great investments do not just appear one time

Just remember that most investments in this world today will continue to be available. The reason? If we bought shares in a company which is selling lots of phones, does it stop selling lots of phones after this year? If it does, then why are we buying the counter?

If we bought a property and it should increase in price next year, does it stop increasing in price after next year? If it only increases in price for one year, I am not so sure if it is a good property to buy yeah.

If it’s very limited in quantity and it’s a must-buy

Remember, if this property is limited in quantity (say last 10 units) and is a must-buy, then the seller’s best friend, good friend and family members alone would have purchased all of it. There’s little chance that it will be offered to a stranger. Buy because it’s undervalued versus similar properties. Do not buy just because it was the last 10 units. Two very different scenarios.

Read good books, follow great people on twitter, keep learning

Some authors have done lots of research, thus his sharing via a book is a gem. Some people gained a lot through his working experience. Her sharing is thus a must-read because reading one book meant that we do not need to have the same number of years of experience to gain the same experience. Some people may just be sharing because he likes to write. Haha.

This includes kopiandproperty.com too. There are no property listings yeah. No courses to sign up yeah. Last but not least, the founder hates speculative buys and prefers investing and not gambling. Happy understanding.

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