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Dine-in? Fake vaccination cert will be an issue. Solve this please.

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Someone said to me the other day that if the government allows dine-in only for fully vaccinated people, surely many unvaccinated people will also ‘cheat’ their way into the restaurant too. I told him that humans will be human and this will happen anywhere, even in the most advanced nations.

Anyway, he is one of those who think Malaysia is the only super special country in the world where we are the only country where SOPs are not followed. I WONDER WHY HE THINKS SO. 🙂 Whatever. I will NOT want to dine-in with unvaccinated people. These people are free to stay home once dine-in is allowed in Selangor.

So, for me, there must be a way to determine who’s actually vaccinated and who’s not and the restaurant better be very vigilant. For the ones who tried to fake their way in, take their photo and send to police. Make sure this is highlighted extensively so that the rest of the unvaccinated people would not dare to try and fake their way in. By the way, it has already happened in an advanced nation…

Article in thestar.com.my The Empire Eats Group, which owns eight brands of restaurants and bars including Standing Sushi Bar, Tanuki Raw and The Secret Mermaid, had guests who did not understand the requirements, and even some who tried to hoodwink their staff.

The Group’s director Howard Lo said, “We encountered some people thinking they can dine-in while unvaccinated if they are in a group of two; we also had a small number of people who presented fake certificates or insisted they’re fully vaccinated before the 14-day milestone.”

Lo also shared that one used a doctored HealthHub printout paired with a vaccination card that belonged to a person of a different name. He said, “When caught, they left willingly, but they were unhappy.” He added that they were worried that they would be penalised. Thus, they are very strict in enforcing this requirement; only fully vaccinated customers are allowed entry. There are many more details in the article: Article in thestar.com.my

Now, do we understand that people will definitely try?

Personally, I would not go to any restaurant where I see that they are very lax with their checking of all the diners. By the way, I would ALSO report these restaurants if I know they admitted anyone unvaccinated too. So, for all the restaurant owners, you either be very strict or get ready to be fined and then forced to shut down.

For the unvaccinated people, now it’s already a WALK-IN. The choice is yours yeah. It’s also your right NOT to get vaccinated. It’s my right NOT to enjoy a latte at the same place as you. By the way, I disagree with any rewards just to encourage people to get vaccinated. That’s a foolish measure implemented by some advanced nations and it is not needed here. Thank you for enforcing my right as someone vaccinated.

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