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Need to work? Get vaccinated please. We do not need Covid-19 in the house.

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Someone mentioned that everyone has their rights, especially those who refuse to be vaccinated. If it’s medical reasons, it’s perfectly fine. By the way, I agree with the assertion that everyone should be allowed to make their choice. This includes even those who does not want to be vaccinated. Since I also want my right, I will respect the rights of others too.

However, just as these people claim this, that and whatever reasons they do not wish to be vaccinated, I too have my own reasons to get vaccinated.

I would feel extremely uncomfortable if I were forced to work in an office where I have many colleagues who are not yet vaccinated and refusing to get vaccinated. Everyone deserves to feel safe when they are working and no one should be forced to work under unsafe environment. It’s every employees’ right to feel they are protected.

Article in marketwatch.com With the recent rise of the Delta variant, many major American companies are now requiring full-time employees to get vaccinated before returning to the office. They include companies such as Disney and Facebook.

Meanwhile some employees who have filed lawsuits against their employers over vaccine rules have been unsuccessful. Allison Hoffman, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania said, These are “not very strong legal arguments.”

Some employees, like one sheriff in North Carolina, were terminated for refusing to comply with an employer’s vaccine policy, and were terminated. The lawsuit is pending in federal court, according to ABC. Do read the article in full here with a lot more details: Article in marketwatch.com

Covid-19 infection can still happen even after vaccination BUT…

Remember yeah, the Covid-19 Delta virus is airborne and could infect a person easily especially when the whole office have the same air-conditioning system. This is why I do think most employers would require their staffs to be vaccinated prior to returning to work. If the reason for not getting a jab is to continue to get the flexibility to work from home, then I wish this employee all the best.

Let’s march towards 50% with two jabs and 70% with one jab by end of August. I meant for Covid-19 vaccinations here in Malaysia. Thank you front-liners.

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