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Freedom Day starts in the UK. (against Covid-19?)

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I am one of the few who continued to remind everyone that there’s a huge difference between having 10,000 infections versus 1,000 people being hospitalised everyday. If we have 1,000 people going into hospitals everyday, we will soon have 30,000 in hospitals after 1 month. That’s not great even if it’s not crippling yet.

However, if we have 10,000 infections (because Delta is really crazily effective versus ALL vaccines whether from US, UK or China) and only 150 goes into the hospital, then by the end of one month, we only have 4,500 people in hospital. This is manageable.

Let’s understand the difference. However, I DO NOT AGREE that face masks are NOT necessary yeah. These are still a must, for me. As for the UK, this has happened. Good for their brave government making decision based on existing data versus just people opinions. Until today we still have people refusing to get vaccinated… So, we stay in lockdown forever??

Article in nst.com.my England lifted most pandemic restrictions on Monday. At the same time, Vietnam locked down much of its population Indonesia has clocked record daily deaths and France will set tougher vaccine rules. (good for France!)

The daily infections in UK has climbed and averaged more than 50,000 per day since last week and Delta is the cause in many areas. Nightclubs in England reopened their floors to dancers at the stroke of midnight for the first time since March 2020, while sports stadiums, cinemas and theatres can now run at full capacity.

Australia has also seen an outbreak in its two biggest cities; Sydney and Melbourne. Lockdowns are also in place too. In an upbeat move however, Canada announced it would reopen its border to all vaccinated foreign travellers on Sept 7. Please do read the very comprehensive article here: Article in nst.com.my

If we did not know, then please get to know these:

Flu is very deadly and kills more than 30,000 per year just in the US alone. In 2017-2018, over 60,000 people died in the US just for flu alone. This is why we could have flu shots and live with it (flu) because it’s not going to go away anytime soon. Here’s that article if you like to read more and by the way, the flu is NOT deadly in just the US.

Covid-19 is unlikely to become zero cases anymore. The more relaxed the SOPs are the higher the number of infections would be. Look deeper and understand if the system could handle it. Take appropriate actions because truth is, livelihoods versus lives are an important balance we need to make.

Stay Safe everyone, precaution / prevention is certainly better than cure

Masks are necessary and STOP saying that there were nobody in my shop, so I took off the mask and then the officers came in and fined me. WEAR THAT MASK OR YOU WILL BE FINED. Period. Stop saying that I did not know. GET TO KNOW OR YOU WILL BE FINED. Period. Stop saying I did not know about this SOP. FOLLOW OFFICIAL NEWS and not your viral whatsapp news and it’s our responsibility to be updated because what we do affects everyone else. Period. Thank you all. Kita Jaga Kita starts with Kita Semua. Not just Kamu or the government.

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