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Just 2 charts on covid-19 infections and hospitalizations. Insightful charts.

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UK was one of those countries where Covid-19 infections was one of the worst / highest in the world in the beginning. It was also the country where her Prime Minister does not believe the seriousness of Covid-19 initially. He got infected with Covid-19 and was even hospitalised for 3 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) before managing to fight back and recovered.

I think this made their recovery from Covid-19 pandemic more resolute because the Prime Minister himself realized the seriousness of Covid-19. He definitely does not want any other people to be hospitalized in the ICU. Today, they (UK) have reached close to 70% of the population for 1 dose of vaccination and over 50% with 2 doses. Image from ourworldindata

Now for the two insightful charts. Both charts come from bbc.com (click here to read full article)

First one shows that infections are rising based on a similar trend versus an earlier period. It does look very alarming especially when everyone knows that most of the cases are coming from Covid-19 Delta variant these days and that this variant is by far more dangerous and easily transmitted versus earlier variants. Next image shows something important for us to understand and be very prepared.

The second charts showed that while infections were moving up fast, the rate of hospitalisation did not. In fact, it’s manageable. The reason is because if one is vaccinated and the same person gets infected, the severity of this infection reduces tremendously as the body is ready to fight and defeat the Covid-19 virus. This is very significant. This is why the vaccinations are being ramped up and this is also why we must encourage everyone to sign up and get vaccinated soonest possible.

My wish for my beloved country?

I hope Malaysia could reach the 50% with one dose by end of August and then towards 50% with two doses end of September. We do have over 14 million doses of vaccines arriving in July. We shall see. Just remember if we could hit 50% vaccinations, we may also have a similar experience as the UK. I also wish NOTHING happens which disrupts any of these positive trend for vaccinations and that politicians should just do their work if they are an elected official and stop all the stupid hanky-panky actions. Thank you.

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