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Did you get RM3,000 from Shopee to spend now and pay later? I did!

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Updated 15th May. I still have the SPayLater of up to RM3,000 limit. Not yet used a single sen. What about all of you? Do you have it now in your Shopee App already? Or they are still selecting based on continuous buying behaviour? For comparison, I did close to 30 purchases within the past 30 days previously before this appeared.

There are NO links in this article where if you click, I will get any payment from Shopee.

Why do we spend more nowadays even if we kept saying we earn less

One reason we are spending more these days versus long time ago is because we have more choices to spend, we are bombarded with more marketing campaigns and of course the accessibility to such opportunities. I know the ‘long time ago’ because I started working at a time when Google was NOT around yet. I only started buying online when AirAsia started. Before that, better drop by the nearby shop / mall for items I need. These days, even my daughter knows how to click a few buttons and she could buy something to be sent to our home.

Shopee’s latest SPayLater (they give you money to spend)

Are you a Shopee shopper? If you are, you may have noticed the below as well. It’s called SPayLater. Briefly, you can BUY NOW and PAY LATER. I can say that this is a CONVENIENCE and it can also be a DANGER too. Especially to the ones who has issues with managing their expenses. Especially to the ones who already have issues with high credit card debts today. Take a look at the image below. All images are from the Shopee app. It showed me this option after I recently paid for a purchase. Buy now and pay next month!

shopee SPayLater

How does it work?

I did not activate lah. if I activate, I may spend even more. I will tell you about my Shopee experience after this image. There are installment options available too. How it works is this. Billing Date is on 1st of the month after. The due date is on 10th of the next month. So, we actually do not need to have the money now and we could still proceed to buy. Convenience or Danger? You decide.


Did they give this option to me because I bought a lot from shopee?

I look through my Shopee completed purchases slowly and realised that within the last 30 days, I completed a total of 29 purchases. Yes, 29. In other words, close to 1 purchase every day. Nope, I did not stay home all the time. Every weekend, I will still drop by a mall for window shopping and meals. Within last 30 days, I have been to 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid and Paradigm Mall. As for my thoughts about malls, here it is: If all the malls are dying, you must be home all the time.

When I asked around, my friends told me only two answers. Those who did not see this RM3,000 SPayLater in their Shopee App and those who had the same amount. In this case, perhaps Shopee is targeting those who are buying a lot than the average? One friend said he bought 6 times within past 30 days. He does not have this extra RM3,000 offer in his Shopee App. What about you?

It’s about CONTROL, okay?

Financial management 101? Here’s an earlier article: 4 pillars to financial success. Happy buying and at the same time, happy controlling your expenses and really buy only what you need. One good way to determine if you really need it? Every time you wanted to buy, let the decision hang in mid air for 7 days. By the end of 7 days, you should know if you should proceed and buy it. Did I spend the RM3,000? Not yet. Take care.

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